Shooting the Bull… and then eating it for a late Saturday dinner…

by J. Henderson

In many ways similar to Kansas State, South Florida is, despite the lose-lose situation this Saturday’s game with the Bulls would have put us in just two or three years ago, a legitimate up-and-coming program lurking with dangers. However, in addition to their still non-standard cachet in terms of both winning against and losing to them, our dodging of these dangers is a task made all the more urgent by S. Florida’s presence on the ESPN roster of non-traditional buzz teams – Rutgers (yes, I realize their history and I revere them for it, but you understand…), Boise State, Louisville, etc.

It seems therefore safe to assume that ESPN would not only like nothing more than for South Florida to embarrass us, but, if last Thursday night’s wrap-up of opening day action was any indication (“Yeah baby, Boise State on the Blue Rug, takin’ it to Weber State hardcore!”… “Uh huh, awww yeah, there’s Rae Rae and Rutgers, Bam!, how you like that Buffalo!”), they would broadcast, and re-broadcast, a defeat of any shape or size with relish. We don’t need that.

And yet the 8pm match up, carried by ESPN2, is this week looking like more and more of a challenge. If the pre-season prospects for this game weren’t trappish enough, our depth chart, once stud stocked, is dwindling with injuries and mystery. Fate seems determined to hamper Trey Blackmon off the high light reels we have drooled for – this time with an ankle problem. Though rumors and theories swirl, the code of Brad Lester’s (temporary? permanent?) suspension has yet to be cracked beyond the assumption that he will again sit out. “I’m out of it, it’s out of my hands,” Coach Tuberville said in his Tuesday press-conference. Lets hope for Brad and Auburn’s sake that the Lord takes it into His merciful hands, and not His mean ones. Fear the Thumb… of GOD!

Even our promising new kicker Wes Byrum somehow twisted his ankle against Kansas State while aiding in what was atrocious kick-off coverage. Good Lord, remind me again how we won that game… yes, of course, surging, patented Auburn Drama ™.

Add to our cripple crisis the fact that South Florida snuck up to Morgantown last season and beat mighty West Virginia, and the fact that they have more returning starters than any Big East team, and you have have the makings for a scene, as I mentioned in my Sunday synopsis of the K-State game, that will have us all likely needing each other. And meeting each other…. at TOOMER’S!

Auburn wins 93 – 6, with 90 points scored in the last two minutes.

War Damn Eagle.


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