Burns the Redshirt, I said Buuurrrnss it!

by J. Henderson

There is talk on campus, chatter on the blogs, stirrings on the practice field, tingles in our hearts. Add them all together and the suspicion becomes slightly more than sneaking that Kodi Burns might take a snap or two against Mississippi State. And really, that’s all we’re wanting.

“They’re kind of putting him in and letting him run a couple draws here and there. Y’all will just have to wait until Saturday to see what’s going on,” Wide Receiver Robert Dunn was quoted as saying in today’s OA News.

Yes, a draw play. Here. There. Anywhere. Whenever. Whenever it might be needed. A first down. A second down. A fourth down. As for the issue of losing his red-shirt eligibility, just forget about it. Get the diesel fuel and burn it – as most reddish shirts should be – with gusto, and then triple-layer with the “killer instinct”. Tuberville himself said before the season started – I heard him – that Burns would play if the coaches thought he could “help win some games.” Whether he can help us or not, we know two weeks in that he can’t hurt us.

There are two things that have been confused in the fall-out from South Florida. One is that the loss itself is what has Auburn fans so discontent; as I mentioned Sunday, it was not the loss itself, nor even that it was to South Florida, but the diseased offensive effort that channeled defeat.

And, relatedly, the other is the notion that implementing Kodi Burns equals rejecting Brandon Cox. No one – or no one that I know – thinks that nor wants it.

“As a defense and as a team, we stay behind our guy, whoever our guy is,” Quentin Groves said in the same article.
“We said that at the beginning of the season. We said that when [Brandon] first got the starting quarterback job. We’re going to be here with him. We just take Cox and say, ‘Cox, let’s ride.’”

Exactly, bravo. Lets ride, with God as our co-pilot, we all know that, but, you know, maybe the guy in the video below (his junior year in high school) as Brandon’s chauffeur for a snap or two. For this year, that’s all we’ve ever wanted…


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