Saban Breathes New Life Into 45-year-old Bama Tradition!!

Maybe he IS the second-coming… ’cause Georgia is worried about Bama spying on their practices

It wouldn’t be the first time


Here’s Jay Coulter @ Track’em Tigers dishing the dirt…

“Have you been following the saga between Georgia and Alabama? Bulldogs coach Mark Richt closed practice this week in preparation for Saturday’s game in Tuscaloosa.

Word leaked out that the reason practice was closed was because Richt was concerned that Saban might be spying on the Dawgs. Saban served as defensive coordinator under New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick in Cleveland years ago.

As everyone knows, the Patriots were recently fined for cheating in a game with the New York Jets. Are you seeing the connection now? This has enraged some Bama fans and caused Saban to plead his innocence.

There’s an Auburn connection with the story. Former Tiger All-American offensive lineman Stacy Searels coached with Saban at LSU. He now serves as offensive line coach at Georgia.

Many are speculating that Searels tipped Richt off to how Saban runs his program. Yesterday, Richt defended Searels, saying that no such conversation took place.

You have to love it. That’s what happens when you sell your soul to the devil for a chance to beat Auburn.”




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