Belated “CONGRATULATIONS” to the One-Loss National Champions!

By J. Henderson

You did it Florida. You did it, and we salute you – belatedly, but crisply. What Auburn couldn’t do with a 13-0 season, you did with a 12-1.
However, if we may approach the throne, it is possible that we, Auburn (!), have played a significant part in your success, for think – if ya’ll had not been humbled in Jordan-Hare that fateful October eventide, perhaps you would have imagined yourselves invincible and possibly under-prepared for the Buckeyes, which, I know, in hindsight seems completely impossible. But at the time, who would have thought ya’ll would have beaten Ohio State? Lord knows not we! Good Gracious, no! No way!

And so I think – we think – that, when you most needed it, we gave you confidence and the can-do attitude achieved only in adversity and shame, the same attitude we have smelted in the early fires of ’07 and will pour hot and molten into Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, the same AttitUde we will then forge into a mighty shiv between the hash marks and shove – humbly, but without reservation, and with Can-Do Auburn Relish (CDAR) – into your soft, overrated, reptilian gut this Saturday night. And you just might need it if you’re to repeat!

But until then, I say congratulations on your accomplishment(s) and hereby present you One-Loss Wonders a gift from your old friends The Cardiac Kids (‘they never quit’): A trip down memory lane, framed in YouTube… and who knows, maybe you can 12-1 it all the way yet again!




And of course…

(It is Tuesday, and here it is. Auburn 41 – Florida 28. Yes, we lost to South Florida. Yes, we lost to Mississippi State. Yes, our first road game is at the swamp. At night. Yes, as of Saturday, we are the youngest Auburn team ever, possibly the youngest ever team in the SEC. Yes, Lester won’t be back until Vandy. This is all what will make it so good.)


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