By J.M. Comer


Gen. George S. Patton inspects units of the 301st Combat Team at Strakonice, Czechosolvakia, 1945.

“We’re not just going to shoot the bastards. We’re going to cut out their living guts and use them to grease the treads of our tanks.”

It’s the morning before kickoff. You need something to listen to as you fasten your Auburn war gear. And make no mistake: This is war. No turning back. Storm the swamp and gut those Gators. We’ll take it to them in the trenches. We’ll take it to them in the air. We’ll beat back those Gator hordes and it will be glorious. Auburn will win it 27-24. Lil’ Timmy Tebow will get a lesson in pain and loss. Again.

May I offer this song for your pre-game ritual Auburn fans? “Desire” by Pharoahe Monch. It gets me pumped! Amped! The only problem is the name dropping of Joe Namath. I try to overlook it. These words sum it up: “You will feel me. You will admire. Struggle, hustle, soul, desire.” War Damn Eagle!

Gator fans, I haven’t forgotten about you. Please feel free to listen and watch my pre-game selection for your team. As the national champions you are still standing after all this time. Florida, you are looking like a true survivor to me. Your preening, primping, prancing football team will surely take inspiration in this song.

Gutting the Gators: What can Auburn learn from Ole Miss?

Did Ole Miss expose a few chinks in the ol’ gator hide last week?

Florida is committing an average of 10.5 penalties per game. During the Ole Miss game they were penalized 14 times for 127 yards.

Ole Miss’ defense is one of the worst in the SEC, yet they held Florida to 30 points. Wha’ppen?

The Rebels consistently dropped eight and nine players into the secondary, which limited Florida’s passing game. The tactic forced QB
Tim Tebow to tuck the ball and run. Coach Urban Meyer this week says he would like to limit using Tebow’s rushing attack. Will they look for others to carry the load? Will Tebow’s handlers risk injury before the LSU game by running their quarterback against Auburn’s defense?

The Rebel defense held Tebow’s completion percentage to 58.8 percent. The lowest of the season for him. He was 20-of-34 in passing attempts.

The Auburn Fraidy Cat sez


Last Auburn win in the Swamp? 1994. Thirteen years ago. Hmmmmm. Clinton’s first term as president. Ace of Base’s “The Sign” was the top song that year.

Last back-to-back wins against Florida? 1993 (Home 38-35) and 1994 (Swamp 36-33). Before that? 1987 (Home 29-6) 1988 (Swamp 16-0) and 1989 (Home 10-7). So it’s been done. That makes the Fraidy Cat feel a little better.

Urban Meyer is undefeated at The Swamp. Crap!

QB Tim Tebow is averaging 89 rushing yards a game. Double crap!

Florida’s offensive line has allowed two sacks all season. Three of four games have been sack-free affairs. Uh oh!

Auburn is going to have to throw against Florida to win. Yikes! The secondary is a weakness for the Gators so far, but the defensive front of Florida? Not so much.

This not-so-fun fact from from Sarasota, Fla.’s Herald Tribune:

Teams have been playing from behind against Florida and are forced to pass to keep up. And the Gators are stingy against the run. They are ranked No. 4 nationally, giving up an average of 54.5 yards per game and 2.1 yards per rushing attempt.

Man-eater Mouth Off (Quote of the Week)

This awesome quote comes from The Decatur Daily:

glimpse-of-club.jpg“[Tim Tebow’s] not going to run through me,” said [defensive tackle] Pat Sims, who has been wearing a hard black club-like cast on his left hand to protect broken fingers during games.

“When he gets a feel of this club,” Sims said, “he isn’t going to want more problems.”

(Glimpse The Club…)


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