Another Auburn Saturday Mourning?

By J.M. Comer

Are Tubby’s Tigers on Saturday pre-noon games like office secretaries rolling into work on Monday mornings?

Is this poster hanging in the locker room?


“Some” say, (HT to Paul Finebaum’s repeated sources “Mr. Some” and “Ms. Many Boosters”) that Coach Tommy Tuberville’s coffee mug looks like this:


As Tiger fans, I, you, we fear mornings. We hate mornings. Bad things happen. This week’s game against Vandy is a *GASP* morning game. Oh no!

Dude, bennies with the bacon? Side of hemlock with that Hardee’s ham biscuit? Demerol and doughnuts with that coffee, sir?

Are we really that bad on Saturday mornings? What is the actual pattern? Is the whole “I Hate Mornings” thing overblown?

Wipe the sleep from your eyes and see below:

2007 Miss. St., 11:30 CT, LOSS 19-14 (Lincoln Financial)

2007 (bowl game) Nebraska, 10:30 CT, WIN 17-14 (FOX)

2006 Georgia, 11:30 CT, LOSS 37-15 (Lincoln Financial)

2006 (away game) Ole Miss, 11:30 CT, WIN 23-17 (Lincoln Financial)

2006 Arkansas, 11:00 CT, LOSS 27-10 (CBS)

2006 (away game) Mississippi St., 11:30 CT, WIN 34-0 (Lincoln Financial)

2005 Ole Miss, 11:30 CT, WIN 27-3 (Jefferson Pilot)

2005 Mississippi St., 11:30 CT, WIN 28-0 (Jefferson Pilot)

2004 (away game) Mississippi St., 11:30 CT, WIN 43-14 (Jefferson Pilot)

2004 (bowl game) Wisconsin, 11:00 CT, WIN 28-14 (ESPN)

2003 (away game) Arkansas, 11:30 CT, WIN 10-3 (Jefferson Pilot)

2003 (away game) Vanderbilt, 11:30 CT, WIN 45-7 (Jefferson Pilot)

2002 (away game) Ole Miss, 11:30 CT, WIN 31-4 (Jefferson Pilot)

2002 LSU, 11:30 CT, WIN 31-7 (Jefferson Pilot)

2002 Arkansas, 11:30 CT, LOSS 38-17 (Jefferson Pilot)

2002 Vanderbilt, 11:30 CT, WIN 31-6 (Jefferson Pilot)

My information source was ESPN on these times. I hope like hell they are right. I don’t remember the Georgia game being a morning game last year, but that’s what the Web site says, so I’ll go with it. I assumed that if the game had a 11:30 a.m. start time that it was almost always for a Lincoln Financial or Jefferson Pilot TV broadcast.

Wake up Tigers!

So we have 5 1/3 seasons worth of morning information above and the pre-noon record during those 16 games is 12-4. I don’t see anything to fear really. The past two times we played Vandy it was a morning game and we showed up. No, the thing we should fear about Vanderbilt this year is they have a 3-1 record and are much improved than those Commodore teams with 1-2 records we faced in 2002 and 2003.

Also, our enemy for the last two morning games was … turnovers! We lost the turnover battle BIG TIME in our game against Mississippi State. And there were a *ahem* few interceptions in that Georgia game last year. Let us never speak of it again.

I think all this fear of mornings stems from our game against Arkansas last year. Ranked No. 2 in the nation and expected to win by 15, Auburn just did not show up for that game. Arkansas dominated on the ground with a total of 42 rushing attempts.

We’ll win the game tomorrow against the Vanderbilt Commodores, but the Saturday morning hangover will come from beating Florida last week and not a Friday-night bender.

Auburn 27 Vanderbilt 17

War Eagle!



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2 responses to “Another Auburn Saturday Mourning?

  1. WarDamnAdam

    Last years Georgia game was indeed at 11:30;a cold,windy,wet 11:30.

  2. TREE

    great stuff, Pump. keep it up. the blogs about the Florida game were stunning.

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