Dateline: Samford Ave. – Auburn Man Sees, Hears Vision of Score

Samford Ave. was the cobbled canvas on which the Auburn Spirit this afternoon painted a masterpiece. A Rockwell, a Picasso, a Pollock, a Magic Eye in which J. Henderson instantly perceived the final score of this weekend’s game against Arkansas. Henderson, an Auburn resident, was standing near the corner of Samford and Gay, in the door of the Gnu’s Room, the greatest used bookstore in America today — “a real, live, bitchin’ bookstore.” Henderson was talking with Bill Sherling, local hero, with a poster of Sullivan and Beasley rolled tightly in his fist. He said he heard shouts, voices, the scorching patriotism of Auburn young.

Henderson said he stepped out onto the sidewalk into the sun. There they were, crossing Gay St., on their way to the paradise of Friday night. They were like ants, they were black, they were white, they were ants with backpacks, marching and bobbing as if instructed by a Sesame Street camera crew. Cars stopped, people smiled and called their friends. And this was the chorus of their song, according to Henderson, their statement to the Earth:

“It’s Great, To Be, an AUUUUBURN TIger, I said It’s Great, To Be, an AUUUUBURN TIger…”

“Seriously, I saw it all… t’was a vision,” Henderson said.

Henderson claims to have seen a little boy stop in the crosswalk and turn towards him.

“Hey, Hey… did you heeeaaar?” the boy shouted.

“What’s that, son?,” Henderson replied.

“Auburn 42, Arkansas 13!!”

“I told him, ‘alright, little fella! War Eagle, little fella!'” Henderson said, adding, “I’m sorry, Arkansas, I just don’t think it’s in the cards…”

Auburn 42 – Arkansas 13.

War Damn Eagle.


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One response to “Dateline: Samford Ave. – Auburn Man Sees, Hears Vision of Score

  1. Tree

    well, your spread wasn’t quite correct. but it doesn’t matter. Go Wildcats.

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