Monday Misc: Capstoned and From the Bleachers

By J. Henderson

Bottles and Capstoned

Despite efforts by the University, the Artest Syndrome, prophesied by an Alabama fan caller to the Finebaum show a few weeks back to soon seize the college football ranks were a hard-line stance not assumed by “Capstone” officials towards criminally belligerent fan behavior, has officially landed in Tuscaloosa – Oxford, technically.

Due to the post-game incidents of assault that have marked the Sabanation’s reaction to loss over the past several games, I caught myself this week trying to imagine a scenario in which the classlessness that is Alabama football could present even in victory — even at an away game.

But it never came to me… but only because I limited my vision to the folks in the bleachers

This week? The players themselves were throwing bottles at (understandably irate) Ole Miss fans… Darren Mustin and, if you can even believe it, Simeon Castille, to be precise.

How long would it take Tommy Tuberville to boot a player from the team were he spied attacking an opponent’s fans inside the stadium? I would say within 48 hours, but, thankfully, we will likely never know the answer.

After Tennessee beats the Tide this Saturday in Tuscaloosa, I think the only way Bama fans can reclaim their royal crown is to pelt their own team with bottles. Take it up a notch, Tide!

From the Bleachers

Speaking of bleachers, I doubt there are many readers of TWER who do not regularly check From The Bleachers, but if you don’t, you are missing out on not only quality football analysis, but actual and exhilarating reporting on the underreported skulduggery of the Sabanation and its citizenry, including the not-so-shockingly underreported journalistic offense of the “Nick Sucker”. I first discovered Will while drowning in the yellow sludge created in the wake of last year’s “sociology scandal” scandal. He tossed me a lifeline of insight and I was hooked.

Will actually e-mails people, he goes after the story… a Spirit that is Unafraid and all that spectacular jazz. Check him out…

*** Update – though Will’s Vodka Pundit piece I linked to above is superb as well, this is the lifeline I meant to cite…


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