(Im)Peach State(ment)

By: J.M. Comer

First, a compliment. Dogs are tight. Georgia, your bulldog has a ruggedness, a nose to the ground. Uga’s tough, stubborn and full of teeth and slobbery. It’s a good image and a fine football mascot. Also, red and black are great, serious colors symbolic of blood and dirt. Sunsets and death. Ummm … red salsa and black beans … on a cheesy, melty Mexican platter. Must stay focused!

But Georgia, your decision to call a “blackout” this weekend seems a bit desperate. “Look, we’re tougher this game with our black,” is your meek cry for attention.

The question on everyone’s mind as they file into Sanford Stadium this Saturday afternoon will be not “What will Georgia be wearing on the field of battle?” but “What does Georgia have planned for its first-touchdown-of-the-game celebration this time around?”

You’ve set the bar high Georgia with your end zone celebration in Jacksonville two weeks ago.

I’m imagining this week’s end-zone dance party will go … something … like … this …


P.A. announcer: “Ladies and gentlemen, for this week’s pre-planned touchdown celebration, please direct your attention to the visitor’s end zone as our 2007 Bulldogs salute Lionel Richie’s 1986 hit ‘Dancing on the Ceiling.'”

Or …

P.A. announcer: “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, put your hands together and join your Georgia Bulldogs in the end zone for a celebration of touchdowns, 30-yard penalties and Auburn coaching rumors. Head Coach Mark Richt reunites on drums with his former cast members from Kids Incorporated as they perform ‘I’ve Heard a Rumor,’ have you?” [— Blogger’s Note. Please watch the video linked above, I know it is painful, but I’m pretty sure that is a young Richt on drums.]

Or … what if …

P.A. announcer: “And now, for your consideration Georgia fans, the Voice of the Bulldogs, Larry Munson, and his ‘Soulja Boy Revue!'”


[Thunder! Lightning! Initiate bluster, attack. Unleash the half-formed thoughts of an Auburn braggart!!!!!!]

You can pack those streamers and sparklers back in the box. Hang up the strap-on keyboard, Mark Richt. Larry Munson won’t be supermanning this week, the only thing he’ll be sticking is the cigar back into his shocked and silenced maw. Put the champaign back in the ice bucket because when your single touchdown comes, Georgia, it will come in the third quarter as the November sky darkens and the game slips away.

You haven’t faced a tough defense this entire season. Oh boy, does Auburn have something in store for you. I can’t wait actually. I’m antsy. Auburn’s going to win it, 31-13.

Yes, I realize that Georgia is playing for the SEC East title and will come into the game fired up. But really … look at this schedule and their games. What have they done this season? They beat a beat-up Tim Tebow.

And last year’s performance by Brandon Cox … I don’t know what you had on him, Georgia, but the Road Warrior will be focused (In case you haven’t noticed, I’m really talking out of my ass here. Forgive me superstitious Auburn fans.) and ready. He’s playing for pride this weekend and you embarrassed him last year. It was ugly then, but great motivational tool now. It won’t happen again. Cox ain’t going out like that!

Exalted Eagle!

War Eagle!



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9 responses to “(Im)Peach State(ment)

  1. Acid Reign

    &nbsp &nbsp No. They will NOT get a TD in this game. No. Moreno is running on fumes, at this point. Stafford, prepare. You might be able to dump it off short. Great for you. Your receiver will get dumped for a short gain. Take off? Tray Blackmon is waiting. Bring your aspirin. I’m thinking another Will Muschamp tour-de-force is awaiting us, on the Eye, for Danielson and Co. to oohhh and ahhh over.

    &nbsp &nbsp War Eagle!

  2. Mr. Comer,
    Glad you brought up the “shedule thing”. I’m not sure that’s where you really want to make your point as to who’s doing what. AU’s body of work isn’t anything to brag about! Georgia and Auburn both have really, really bad losses (Tenn. for UGA;MSU for AU), and both have tough losses (SCar for UGA; SFL for AU). Three common opponents don’t tell us alot, either…. Oh, you know what. To Hell with Auburn!

    Go Dawgs!

  3. Mr. Dawg,

    But I wasn’t bragging about our schedule. I was putting down your schedule. Or something.

    But really, all I was simply saying is that when Grandpa Stafford has his grandkid on his knee in the future (2047!) and that grandkid (let’s call him Keggy) … when little Keggy looks into his grandfather’s eyes and asks his grandfather how he got that second asshole, well, Grandpa Stafford will tell him about Nov. 10, 2007.

  4. Sullivan013

    Expect about 30 to 35 of these type of plays for Moreno.

    Welcome to the other side of the SEC – the one that plays defense.

    War Eagle!

  5. Any post that namedrops Kids Inc., offers to the heavens the image of Larry Munson’s Soulja Boy Review, and lets itself hang out to the tune of 31-13 gets King Dunlap-sized props from yours truly. War Damn Eagle!

  6. ike

    Senor Perrito,
    My prediction… At about 7:30PM on Saturday everybody will be talking about a great SEC freshman, but it won’t be Sha-ne-ne Moreno.

    Auburn 23
    Georgia 13

    War Eagle!

  7. srobbins

    Bragging like that—You ought to be ashamed! Don’t you know–That Dawg’ll BITE you!!
    Another Dawg in Alabama

  8. #1Dawgfan

    Thanks for playing!

  9. srobbins

    i guess we see tommie t in collegestation nxt year or muschamp on another staff.

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