Concur [kuhn-kur]:

By J. Henderson

1. to accord in opinion; agree: “Do you concur with his statement?”
2. to cooperate; work together; combine; be associated: “Members of both parties concurred.”
3. to coincide; occur at the same time: “His graduation concurred with his birthday.”
4. Obsolete. to run or come together; converge.

Three of the four definitions for concur… even the obsolete definition… would make Tuberville a Saban-styled liar were he not to be Auburn’s coach next year, and even “many years to come” (and the other one would make him an idiot). So the question(s) before you is this:

Do you think Tommy Tuberville is a Saban-styled liar? An idiot? Neither of these?

I know it’s good drama — Charles Goldberg even admits that, for the Alabama bloggerazzi, Tuberville’s response of “I concur” to Auburn AD Jay Jacobs statement (“There have been a lot of things blowing up, if that’s what you’d call it, but there’s never been any doubt in my mind or Tommy’s he’s going to be our coach for many years to come. We need to turn our attention back to the Chick-fil-A Bowl, but there’s no doubt in my mind that’s going to be the case.”) is “two words too many. People want a good mystery.”

But we need to keep our eyes on the prize people. Let us, as the Auburn family, concur on and for what’s best for Auburn, which, I’m telling you, is an entrenched Tommy Tuberville. And if you don’t want to think along those lines, then at least concur in a commitment against damaging, doomsaying speculation without foundation in fact or common sense (Arkansas… ARKANSAS!)

Phillip Marshall’s latest Tub-Watch report from New York, where Auburn coaches and administrators are making various scenes, is much calmer, but he maintains that “there’s little question [Tuberville] was, at least at one time, a prime target” for the Arkansas job.

On the contrary, there’s little legitimate evidence that he was and finally one of the bloggers, Goldberg again, is agreeing with me: “… nobody has officially linked Tuberville to Arkansas. It’s out there though, from the the middle of last week when there were some hasty reports that said he was a goner, to denials. Wait. Has anybody denied anything? What’s there to deny?”

There is nothing that has linked the Arkansas job to Tuberville other than internet gossip stirred by moody football writers with postpartum depression over the end of the regular season, writers eager to vindicate their utter rumor mill defeat ala Tubs-to-Texas A&M, which they had down as a lock. Only thing is, it too, was fiction.

“… if Texas A&M makes a change I promise you that Auburn’s Tommy Tuberville will be one of the first to get a phone call,” said Tony Barnhart, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s “Mr. Football.”

I typically pay attention to Barnhart’s promises, but this was a promise he couldn’t keep.

Tuberville can keep his, and will.


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