Arkansas: The New Bama

Apparently, you can’t give this thing away…

(of course I still question whether they were ever officially interested in Tuberville; all “subsequent” candidates have been below his stature and outside of the conference – if they were willing to go after one big dog in the SEC, why not another? Richt? Spurrier? Unless of course they weren’t interested… or at least interested in any way that would matter… but wait, was the Grobe bit simply variation on a theme? Sounds so… familiar…)



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2 responses to “Arkansas: The New Bama

  1. ike

    does that mean that they will pony up and pay another underperfoming nfl coach an insane amount of money? $$patrino$$

  2. What if Patrino ends up there? Maybe Coach Tuberville could cold-cock him at midfield after beating his Hog team like a drum.

    I really hope that someone less slimy ends up in Arkansas.

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