Who for Heisman?

By J. Henderson

Of course, I know what he’s going for, but it still seems rather sad that a statement like “The Heisman race took a while to develop this season…” can be written without any apparent sense of… irony?

Shouldn’t that be the way it works?

According to that story, Tebow has “emerged as the front-runner” – how this conclusion was reached, it doesn’t say.

But I’m more curious as to whom Auburn fans would rather win, i.e. who’s winning of the award would best serve Auburn in the arena of public perception and on the field of play?

McFadden or Tebow?

McFadden wins: his (already probable) chances for going pro after this season likely double, we don’t have to play him again and get to say that we were the only team (besides, very strangely – at least, strictly statistically speaking – FIU, who kept him to 66) to shut him down – and hard – in his Heisman-winning year. Auburn held him to 53 yards, nearly 100 less than his pre-bowl 2007 average.

Tebow wins: like McFadden, it likely at least increases the temptation to go pro before his senior year, likely jinxes the remainder of his college career, and puts him well on the path to being the second Florida great to never beat Auburn (by the way, after some quick unofficial figuring, were Tebow to win it, I have Auburn beating Florida teams with Heisman winners 66% of the time).

You couldn’t beat us, you should have joined us…

Thoughts? Comments?



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3 responses to “Who for Heisman?

  1. logan

    D-macs the best player so he should win

  2. Acid Reign

    Quarterbacks have SUCH an edge these days, it isn’t really fair. And, Tebow has a pile of important firsts. Still, how many other quarterbacks in the modern day are the four times out of five option, up the middle, when it’s first and goal? I don’t have the research, but I’d bet the lion’s share of his ground TDs are stuff that the jumbo-package, power back gets at most schools.

    I watched the Arky/LSU game, and sat there in absolute awe. MacFadden was incredible. And, he was an incredibly effective guy taking the snap, too. They could have run that Wildcat offense a LOT more during the year, and could have won several more games. MacFadden is AT LEAST Casey Dick’s equal throwing, I think. Let Dick play tight end. He can throw a block.

    Tebow’s great, and he’s unique. But I think his coach did a LOT better job utilizing him, than MacFadden’s did. D-mac was a better player, this year, in my opinion.

  3. Chris

    Darren Mcfadden was robbed!!! Plain and Simple.

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