Missing You Already

 By J. Henderson


I just liked the guy, I really did. The two big reasons why are 2004 and, even more impotently – which I think people forget – 2005. But he would talk to you and he was funny. Great name, too.

Deep down, I thought that our offensive anemia, when it presented, was more symptomatic of talent than anything, or at least performance. Cox struggling, dropped passes, injuries all around. I know, I know… but again, you don’t go from 2003 to 2004 without knowing how to do your job. borges-and-campbell.jpgAnd the thought of a maturing Future Boy under his tutelage and strategy kept me warm even in this season’s coldest corners; if its a matter of being asked to resign, which it sorta looks like, I can’t help thinking that another year’s chance would have been more prudent. But alas, here we are, and I honestly didn’t see it coming. Got a text message from a loyal reader Saturday night that hinted as much. Got online, looked around, didn’t see anything and called him crazy. He wasn’t.

Where does this leave us for the Peach Bowl? Not sure. I only hope that Tuberville’s next hire is as blindingly brilliant as Al was his first two years.

War Eagle, Al. You’ll be missed. Thanks for everything.



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4 responses to “Missing You Already

  1. WdamnE

    Yep, I liked him too. I’m more excited about the possibility of change, but I have nothing but warm feelings for Borges. He seemed by ALL accounts to be a nice, decent guy. That’s a good addition to a coaching staff, if you ask me.

  2. Acid Reign

    …..I’ll miss Al, too. I did have a gripe with all of the complication, with a young team that couldn’t catch the ball, and a QB who couldn’t throw it more than 20 yards downfield. To me, that’s when you dial it back in, and just get ’em to where they can execute SOMETHING consistently. I thought heads were spinning, offensively, this year. Still, Borges is a great coordinator, and our loss is someone else’s gain. If we lose Muschamp, too, the team may well have a totally different personality next year.

    …..I’ve watched bits and pieces of Troy, this year. I kept switching back to the Troy/FIU game when the SEC Championship game was on. (Lots of commercials, lots of Troy time!) That Troy offense and Kodi Burns look like a great match, I think. Tony Franklin will have to work on Kodi’s mechanics, though. His footwork fell apart as the year wore on…

  3. WdamnE

    My brother-in-law went to Troy and loves their football program. If Franklin comes, he’d pretty damn happy. Troy played some big teams very well, this year. They put up 31 points against Florida and 34 against Georgia. I think I could be happy with that hire.

  4. Borges is actually a great guy to listen to. He knows his stuff and you can tell he really enjoys anything football. I’d love to see him as an analyst for ESPN, or some other network.

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