By J. Henderson

Hmm… perhaps the Petro-Sun Independence Bowl will be a bit more exciting than expected…

Apparently, former Colorado great and current CU running backs coach Darian Hagan is more than convinced that Bama cheated in the 1991 Blockbuser Bowl, which the Buffaloes lost to the Tide by a score of 30-25. Hagan was an impressive option quarterback from ’88-’91.

According to Hagan, his old friend and former Alabama safety Charles Gardner, who played in that game, admitted that Alabama planted spies on a Miami highway overpass near Colorado’s bowl practice site.

“I grew up with the guy,” Hagan said. “He ain’t going to lie. Why would he?”

And also apparently, such an analysis is party-line Colorado history: up until 2004, the CU media guide blurb on the game, focusing on a new offensive scheme unleashed at the Blockbuster Bowl, read “The change (in offense) took place in CU’s bowl practices and was a surprise for the game, but at the time it appeared that Alabama had found out somehow in advance because of the Crimson Tide’s uncanny success on defense.”

Hagan seems bent on payback and I’m pumped!

(Kudos to The Auburner for digging this up…)

Of course, Stallings was bush league compared to the new sheriff in town


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One response to “Shrevenge!

  1. WdamnE


    Okay, I’ll comment.

    You’ve had better bad puns. But, by God, if you love it, then you love it, son! It’s your pun, be proud of it!

    War Damn Shrevenge!

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