Spread Eagle

By J. Henderson

Tony Franklin, dynamite evangelist of the spread offense, is officially at the helm of the Auburn offense. I’m excited.

With first-day-on-the-job quotes like…

“We’re no-huddle all the time. We haven’t been in a huddle in two years at Troy. Our players wouldn’t know how to get in one if we wanted to. We play fast. We practice fast. We led the nation in the number of snaps per game – 81.5 per game.”


“It’s gives you a huge advantage as far as trying to control the tempo of the ballgame. When you’re on offense, you should control the tempo. The defense should never control anything. They should be defending and you should be attacking. We’re constantly attacking and trying to attack every area of the field. Every week, it’s different. Every team, it’s different. You take the strengths somebody has and you build from those strengths. That’s what we’ll do at Auburn. We’ll find out what people are really good at and we’ll build from there. Then we’ll recruit for the other things we’re not real good at.”

… it’s hard not to be.

And I really am.

It is by now a completely moot point (made all the mooter by the above) to suggest that Al Borges had maybe earned himself another year’s shot at bringing back the magic. However, I do want to point out that the beautiful mark of Al Borges did not, as is being reported (likely for journalistic expedience), end at the conclusion of the 2005 Sugar Bowl.

Lines like “Borges’ career at Auburn reached its pinnacle in just his first year as coordinator in 2004… However, as his career at Auburn progressed, his offenses deteriorated” just do not accurately reflect the reality that so engendered our affection for the ol’ fella…

People seem to have forgotten – probably because even at the time it seemed hard to believe – that Auburn’s 2005 offense was equally as potent as the 2004 version, or almost equally as potent, and in a several ways superior, such as points per game (barely), per play rushing average and number of rushing touchdowns.

Ironically, “pinnacle” is the same word Borges uses (in a now intensely poignant piece by Inside the Auburn Tigers’ Mark Murphy) to describe the state of Auburn’s program at the end of the 2005 regular season – the Tigers lead the SEC that year in total offense.

Again, we’ll miss you, Al. Big time.

But welcome to Auburn, Tony.

War Eagle… War Spread Eagle..

Update: The Premiere Nick Sucker in the State thinks Franklin’s hire might be enough reason for Julio Jones to consider coming to Auburn… SJPW lobbing passes kinda in your general direction or the spread offense under Kodi Burns… let’s talk… 



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4 responses to “Spread Eagle

  1. WdamnE

    Yep, Al Borges will always be fondly remembered on the Plains. Good luck Al.

    And welcome Coach Franklin.

  2. ike

    mr. henderson, you coined it! that’s such a great term to describe the type of hybrid offense that we will unleash next year. i can’t wait to hear lee corso gush about auburn’s sexy spread eagle formation when we are kickin’ ass with our unstoppable offense.

  3. Acid Reign

    …..Spread Eagle. Isn’t that the position we’ve seen Brandon Cox play, the past two seasons?

  4. Tree

    just left a $10 donation on behalf of the United Treevis College Fund. War Eagle!

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