Fa La La La La, La La-Monroe



It supposedly cost ULM fans, presumably those at the Hixon Ford dealership in Monroe, Louisiana, $12,000 to hoist that banner of victory above I-20 as a reminder to bowl-hungry Bama fans en route to Shreveport… whether the price / motives are right, it looks too stupid and too awesome not to be real…



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6 responses to “Fa La La La La, La La-Monroe

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  2. colecurtis

    I think that this a perfect example of a fool and his money. I could find something better to do with $12,000.00 than that.

  3. different variations of ULM victory shirts have been seen in Monroe. On campus in the Admn. building there is a picture of a student at the Iron bowl game wearing a “Monroe is my hero” shirt. other variations around town include “ULM..bitch-slapping Nick Sabin since 2007” and “I love my hyphenated team, please see Alabama fans for more details”… Just thought Auburn fans might find this amusing…

  4. Also seen around town: Alabama aka “Monroe’s red headed stepchild”

  5. Jordan Gahagan

    Looks like everyone in the state of Louisisana wants to beat Nick Saban.

  6. Nikki

    Oh, I promise you, it’s real. I pass it every day leaving campus…and crack up every time. It’s especially funny that we were having a horrible, horrible season, so of all games for us to win, it was just too perfect!

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