JCCWelcome Back

By J. Henderson

Wilderness wanderings are expected at From the Bleachers, but I was about to start Googling the Michigan obits for “Jerry Hinnen.” With click-finger quivering, I checked one last time Friday and discovered – finally – that he is alive, well and, with a bit-by-beautiful-bit Iron Bowl recap (he had a tear-jerking Iron Bowl preview, too), in classic form.

With the chuckles (“Mike Patrick’s wretched and unholy rasp welcomes us to Jordan-Hare. Goodness gracious sakes alive, I cannot stand this man. You know the old line about, um, not relieving one’s self on a given person if they were on fire? It’s close, but I wouldn’t say that about Patrick. I’d gladly relieve myself on him, actually”) comes articulate insight…

lsu-06-leadout.jpg“I will never, ever get tired of Tubby linking arms with the players and walking out of the Fog of Intimidation. It perfectly straddles the line between being gag-inducingly corny and the very best kind of earnest, unironic gesture, all while doubling as charming bread-and-circuses spectacle. Kind of like all of college football, really, not to make too much of a big deal about it.”

… plus some kudos to TWER for holding down the fort with perspective and sagacity in a dark time of disturbing hysterics, while almost every other non-credentialed Auburn blogger gushed silence. It was a dirty job, so thanks for that…

Along those lines, as a sort of final bullet to the “Arkansa Media Reports: Tuberville Announces Presidential Candidacy” fiasco of ’07 (cause trust me, it’ll be back next year), I wanted to post my favorite lines from Jay Jacobs’ latest e-missive to the Auburn family [emphasis mine]: “As loyal Auburn men and women, I know the relentless media speculation in recent days was frustrating. It’s a different age with the Internet, blogs, and reports that often times simply aren’t true. Just know we never wavered in doing what was best for Auburn.

I can assure you that Coach Tuberville wants to keep Auburn Football at the top. We will continue to work together to make that happen. Our goal will always be to play for an SEC title in Atlanta and contend for a National Championship.”

Amen. And welcome back everyone. Seriously. Not patronizing. Promise. War Eagle love and War Eagle respect. Y’all were missed.

War Eagle forever.


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