Rod Spares Himself Crimson Quicksand: Takes Michigan Job One Year Later

By J. Henderson


One year and one week after a midnight hour rejection of the Crimson Tide, Rich Rodriguez found a job worth leaving his alma-mater for.

“I received word this afternoon that Coach Rodriguez has chosen to remain the head football coach at West Virginia,” said Alabama Athletic Director Mal Moore in a statement issued Dec. 8, 2006. “I fully respect his decision and wish him the best.”

The best, apparently for Rodriguez, is the University of Michigan.

There is little mention in the early reportage of the latest coaching rearrangement of Rodriguez’ 2006 drama with Alabama, perhaps because, though it does offer crystal clarity of the Crimson Tide’s has-been status, that status is old, old news outside of Tuscaloosa.

Despite SI’s pathetic, nearannual insistence, Bama, like, apparently, Arkansas, is a rebound job, at best; Rodriguez’ decision has to be nauseating for Bama fans, humiliating perhaps… if they can even feel anything anymore.


Meanwhile, this can mean nothing but good things for Auburn, at least seemingly, at least in my way of thinking.

The Tigers start a 2-game series with the Mountaineers next year; it is their first game of the season (our second!). Despite their New Coach Impotency, their ascendent BCS prestige sticks around through at least the first game. We destroy them, but the NCI fast disappears. They end the season 11-1 and the computers swoon for ol’ Auburn!

Thanks Rich! Beat Appy State!



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4 responses to “Rod Spares Himself Crimson Quicksand: Takes Michigan Job One Year Later

  1. WdamnE

    War Dam Eagle!

    My thinking exactly. WVU in a transition year. Auburn wins.

    Bama sucks it. Coach Rod didn’t want Bama. Boo hoo.

    War dam eagle!

  2. ike

    i don’t think they will be a transition team, they still have way too much talent. another bit of intrigue… terry ‘tater-tot’ bowden is lobbying hard for the wvu job. he calls it his dream job. if they do hire him, can you imagine the circus surrounding his first game? i can’t wait, i will be there! can we fast-forward through winter and spring?

  3. WdamnE

    Completely baseless rumor.


    Saban to WVU. Won’t happen. But it’s still funny.

  4. ike

    rich says no to bama, but yes to michigan… why you might ask…

    oh, and they have lost their last six versus their supposedly inferior in-state rivals, and next year it will be ‘oh – for – saban!’


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