Franklin, My Dear, The Recruits Give a Damn…

By J. Henderson

The promise of a Tony Franklin offense has already landed a new Auburn commitment.

Junior college quarterback Chris Todd, who was set to follow Franklin to Troy, said Sunday he would sign with the Tigers, a decision apparently predicated on Todd’s familiarity with Franklin’s specific version of the spread; according to Charles Goldberg, “Franklin was the offensive consultant to Todd’s high school when Todd was the quarterback.”

tony-franklin-clinic.jpgThis is the very sort of thing that has Auburn fans as happy over Franklin’s potential recruiting prowess – as of Sept. 2005, 70 high schools (mostly southern) had participated in his coaching clinic – as his proven offensive dexterity, which is making me happier almost by the second.

Two salient, mouthwatering quotes on Frankin’s offensive scheme:

“If both teams have players who are equal in talent, this offense is impossible to stop.” – John Hannah, yes that one.

“We ran the exact same system in high school.” -Kodi “Future Boy” Burns

Now watch this with new, eager eyes…


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One response to “Franklin, My Dear, The Recruits Give a Damn…

  1. I remain an agnostic on the spread. My comfort level is not increased by the fact that so many high schoolers ran the same offense in high school.

    But War Spread Eagle anyway.

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