Man On The Street Report — DC. *Christmas Edition*

By J.M. Comer


You can take those “12” championships and shove ’em up your rear, Mr. Potter!

While walking to work from Union Station in Washington, D.C., this morning, this TWER reporter spied a mother, father and son walking toward him from the hotels of Capitol Hill. The father wore a crimson hat with the white letter “A.” The mother wore a crimson knitted hat. The teenage son, wore a sweatshirt with “The University of Alabama Football” sprawled across. He also wore a crimson hat. The family was bundled from the cold.

All three walked toward this reporter, smiling. Happy. A Christmas vacation in the nation’s capital. “What an exciting day!” were the thoughts written on their faces. Their hearts seemed to sing: “We … are … family! Saban is the coach of our team! We … are … family! Just wait ’til ’08 you’ll SEE!”

But then this infrequent TWER writer, an Auburn man living in the mid-Atlantic, with a goofy grin spread across his face this morning, held six fingers aloft in the cold December air and ruined their perfect moment.

They stopped in their tracks as the flow of pedestrians streamed by. Their eyes were vacant for seconds. The gears turned in their heads. The dawning of thoughts was slow.

“Why is this unshaved man in Washington, D.C. in his heavy coat waving six fingers at us? Six, right? Five plus one is six? Yes. Six.”

They searched me for any clue. This Auburn man’s orange hoody could be seen peeking from under the heavy coat. The six digits were still holding their place in the air.

And then the clutch caught the free-spinning gears.

“Ohhhhhh ….”

Collectively, their jaws dropped. The Bammer teenager’s mouth actually hung open in shock. His face reddened. Was it anger? Embarrassment?

The crimson-faced teenager sputtered noises. Incomprehensible but audible above the street noises. Bile rose to his throat, but no words formed. Spitting, sputtering … nothing came bellowing forth!

This reporter waited seconds for any gesture. Any words of rebuttal? Nothing came to their minds. Turning from their frozen visages, this reporter soldiered on to punch in for a day’s work. No words were exchanged between the two parties.

God, it was wonderful to see. The image is frozen in my mind as I type these words.

What a strange scene it must have been for all that passed by. I held that Bama family in a spell and stole their happiness for a brief moment. The power of six fingers did that! And a smile was planted on my face all the way to work.

New Year’s resolution suggestion to you Auburn fans: Take the time to savor the six wins and what it truly means. Six in a row is unchartered, wonderful new territory for the Auburn Nation.

Happy Holidays!

War Eagle!



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2 responses to “Man On The Street Report — DC. *Christmas Edition*

  1. Aubiece

    what a great Xmas story… brought a tear to my
    War Damn Eagle and Merry Xmas to you!

  2. rc

    Oh, that was just sweet! I laughed, I cried, but I mostly laughed. Thanks for sharing that beautiful moment!


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