Fa La La La La, La La-Monroe – UPDATE #1

There has been talk that the photo of the most famous billboard in Monroe, La., featured in The War Eagle Reader’s most-viewed post ever, was faked. I posted it, along with a map image of the route from Tuscaloosa to Shreveport (which was borrowed, shamelessly, without credit or linkage or whatever, in a post on another blog that managed to get picked up by EDSBS! Oh, the hits we would have gotten!), soon after receiving it in an e-mail as an attachment. From what I can tell, the photo first showed up here.


And it is real.

Enterprising TWER commenter “Tiger Fan,” a resident of Monroe, has confirmed that the billboard indeed exists, and will remain intact through the end of this year, though its location is not as conspicuous as first thought or hoped. It stands above an intersection in South Monroe, but, so as to discourage any detours, I don’t want to give away just where. (Here’s more evidence of authenticity – report from an Alabama fan who works right down the road.)

Here are some new pics, found on an LSU forum (this post seems to indicate the possibility of two separate signs):



Alabama fans – you’ll have to strain to see it (unless you happen to pick that exit to gas up), but keep your eyes peeled, it’s there. Stay safe, though…


The time I spent on this!



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8 responses to “Fa La La La La, La La-Monroe – UPDATE #1

  1. Leah Cook

    I hate Auburn! Hmm let’s see how many dumb slogans we can make up about the iron bowl…oh wait, since we finally started winning something worthwhile AND learned to count at the same time, let’s start counting with the number 4! Auburn fans say “Got six”? Umm yeah actually we’ve got 9!!!!!!!!!! My question to Auburn is: Got twelve? Oh wait, that’s right, Auburn DID have ONE national championship in like the 1950s or something? How about one more before you start gloating about a game that only the state of Alabama cares about? When you leave this state, people only know of the University of Alabama and their football legacy, usually no one’s even heard of Auburn AKA The Alabama Polytechnic Institute. And, one last thought, enjoy these frugle (do guys need a definition for this word?) wins because they pretty much are the only games you can REALLY brag about, now aren’t they? ROLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The Raven

    Most of the nation hates Bammers. You are a prime example as to why. Bammers are arrogant, loud, red-neck, live-in-the-past losers. YOU are the only ones that say “we’ve got 12”. What a joke, look in the record books at some of the NC’s you claim. Then you will realize why Bammers are the laughing stock of the nation. Go Buffs!!!

  3. JD

    The Raven
    I don’t mind that the rest of the country “hates us. At least they know enough about us to hate us. I have been in Colorado for a year, and no one here evens cares about college football. The Buffalo’s are the joke.

  4. For Leah
    “Wall Street Journal writer Russell Adams writes: “Louisiana-Monroe’s total football expenses last season were $2.6 million, according to the U.S. Education Department. That’s about $19 million less than Alabama’s.”

    Here comes the clincher.

    “But here’s the real mismatch: Alabama’s new head coach, Nick Saban, earns $4 million a year — the highest salary in major college football. Louisiana-Monroe’s coach, Charlie Weatherbie, earns $130,000, which is one of the lowest salaries.”

    Is it time to start looking at a possible raise for Weatherbie? Or maybe a possible clause on defeating SEC opponents. For heaven sakes, he made the Wall Street Journal!” posted by The News-Star (leading newspaper in Monroe, La)

    Consider this as well, if LSU wins the match against OSU, then the SEC will be will be 3-0 for the last 5 bcs championship games. It speaks well for the SEC conference. But here is the curious part, somehow in 2004 a team from the SEC went undefeated the entire season. Somehow they were excluded from the title game. I know who that team is, they beat ULM that year. They should have been invited to the big game. My point being that the SEC could have possibly been 4-0 in the last 5 championship games. It is a privilege to play in the SEC, and you better believe that a large amount of fans everywhere keep up with every SEC wins and losses. People that want to watch the best football know to watch SEC football.

  5. The Raven

    Thanks JD, Exactly what I am talking about.

  6. my bad, dude. Those two images were sent to me in an email from an Auburn fan without any reference. That’s why I credited the emailer.

  7. bethany

    Well i thank u auburn fan for the truth about the subject.. and i do believe also that alabama fans live in the past what is done has been done.. and we have something goin on..

  8. ooopinionsss

    How you think when the economic crisis will end? I wish to make statistics of independent opinions!

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