Quote Of The Day: 12.23.07 – Greg McElroy’s Myopic Idolatry

“(Alabama football)’s going to be however long Coach Saban is going to be around.”

– Alabama backup quarterback Greg McElroy, speaking on the longevity of Alabama football and its tradition.




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3 responses to “Quote Of The Day: 12.23.07 – Greg McElroy’s Myopic Idolatry

  1. Bigot Barner

    Wor Eagler folks! Sure am glad we haven us a top 30 recruiting class. Funny factoids here more fun than throwing toiletry paper in the three’ s at Toomer Corner.

  2. It’s a sad state for Bammers when all they can hang their hat on is recrootin’. How’s all them fancy top 10 recrootin’ years working out for Notre Dame? If your coach stinks (and I’m taking about Saban here) it doesn’t matter who you bring in to play.

  3. P.S.

    Yeah, J.M. spoke a bit too soon didn’t you? Yes, recruiting does matter. And I’ll gives some respect to Auburn for 6 straight years, but honestly you didn’t really think it would last forever did you? Now, we are on top and poor little tubby will be lucky to make a bowl game. It’s funny how in the mist of your new found arrogance that your world would flip upside down, serves you right.

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