Quote Of The Day: 12/28/07 – Pat Dye, Slam Poet

By J. Henderson

“Your damn right it was, there’s no question.”

— Pat Dye’s response to Gene Stallings, when asked by Stallings if he thought his schedule at Auburn was tougher than Stallings at Alabama, particularly at the end of the season, which Dye famously dubbed “Amen Corner.”dye-with-tommy-tuberville_auburn-sid.jpg

Auburn typically meets its oldest rival Georgia before heading into the Iron Bowl.

The Crimson Tide played Cincinnati prior to Auburn in Stallings’ first season at Alabama and Memphis during his second; for the remainder of his tenure, he went into the Iron Bowl following games with Mississippi State.

The two former coaches joined Paul Finebaum in the studio during a recent broadcast of his radio show. Finebaum wisely kept his mouth shut and let Dye light the place on fire. It was a veritable Quote of the Day buffet, with lines like…

“They took Florida State and tore into’em like a big cat with a small rat.” — on Florida’s dismantling of FSU and the possibility that the Gators could very well be the best team in the nation right now.

– and –

“It doesn’t take but one Auburn man to be a majority.”

– and –

“I used to think that pros [pro football players] weren’t as good as college but I changed my mind, they’re the best.”

… I fell in love with him all over again.

Stay tuned for a breakdown of their interview / summit, some interesting things were said…



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3 responses to “Quote Of The Day: 12/28/07 – Pat Dye, Slam Poet

  1. Acid Reign

    …..I used to love hearing Matt Coulter and Scott Griffin, on WJOX radio, imitate Dye. “He’s got th’ uh-BILL-itty!”

  2. rc

    God, a blast from the past! Not the most eloquent man, never was, but when I was there I loved him to death…Just rediscovered why. Those Pepsi commercials he used to do were just so great. Thanks.

  3. Bobby

    Gene owned that broadcast, not Pat!

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