Remember the AL-La-Monroe!

It appears, here near the half, though they’re driving — and holy crap, just scored a touchdown, that Colorado is no La-Monroe. Not even close. But we can still have great, related fun at Bama’s expense.

So, good Lord, I hope ULM doesn’t slip up on us next year, for anything close to a proportionate Bama reprisal would be brutal.

In the meantime, bombs away…

These photos were sent to The War Eagle Reader by Monroe, La. resident and devoted commenter “Tiger Fan”… believe he pulls for the bayou variety, but hey, he gets the job done (check out his Cafepress store).

Apparently an Alabama fan broke down en route to Shreveport… directly… under… The Sign.

Guess they sorta speak for themselves…




Blurry but beautiful…


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One response to “Remember the AL-La-Monroe!

  1. Such a bold, beautiful billboard. She is stunning, takes my breath away. Contrary to popular belief, that sign doesn’t just amuse the residents of monroe. It has made most people in the entire state smile when they hear about it and see it. It’s placement was perfect was it not? I would think it would have been awfully hard to miss if you are a ‘Bama fan. I find it curious that some Alabama fans don’t see why that particular sign is relevant to the entire state Louisiana. Let me share a secret, we have coonasses all over this great state. And rest assured, there is at least a coonass or two at ULM. The fact that ‘Bama administrators chose to keep quiet about their new coach’s racial slurs might have irked some of Louisiana’s residents. I believe you will find that most people, no matter where they graduated from in Louisiana, claim LSU as their own. It seems only fitting that our coonass brothers from down south finished Bama off first , then our coonasses up North had a geaux at ’em. Seems to me like karma is coming around. If our coonasses at ULM were geared up to play anyone this year it was Alabama, thanks in part to Mr. Saban’s derogatory comments. When Mr. Saban came to ‘Bama he made LSU fans into Auburn fans overnight. So ‘Bama fans, yes it is true that ULM may not beat ya’ll again for awhile, but I have a feeling LSU might try and pick up some of the slack. It’s the coonass way of doing things. So to all the ‘Bama fans out there, never forget the mighty Warhawks….And ya’ll come back now, ya hear?

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