Comment from “Cousin Clem”

By J. Henderson

My apologies to Quentin Groves. Not that I’m totally to blame, but, by possibly lighting a fire under a certain Clemson freshman, my New Year’s Eve post may have cost him the record. I mean, I don’t know, I honestly wasn’t paying that much attention to their specific match-up, but this comment came early this morning and I’m pretty sure it’s legit.

cousin-clem-1.jpgP.S. The Cousin Clem line, as I hoped the link would indicate, was a reference to Clemson, the team, as a whole… well, I mean, I guess it would logically boil down to imply Hairston alone were he the only member of the team, so in that sense I sorta did call him Cousin Clem, but of course he alone really wouldn’t be a team, but whatever, you get what I’m sayin’… coincidentally, I actually have a cousin who will soon be at “Clem.”


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