Quote Of The Day: 1/2/08 – Picking The Scab with Herbstreit and Georgia

By J. Henderson

“The AP should take the USC win into consideration.”

— Kirk Herbstreit on two-loss-couldn’t-beat-Stanford USC deserving to be post-season #1 in the Associated Press Poll. (I’m not positive that this quote is verbatim, but I am fairly certain that it accurately reflects the sentiment in Herbstreit’s Rose Bowl post-game comments.)

This, of course, is the same Herbstreit who reneged on his implied pledge to similarly vouch for the Auburn Tigers in 2004 were they to beat Georgia, which they did, soundly; after thrashing the Bulldogs 24-6, Herbstreit changed his mind and said Auburn still had much to prove.

Yes, the salt continues [Reggie Bush scandal] and continues [one-loss-to-Auburn Florida goes on to win the 2006 national championship] and continues to pour. Do we scream? Shriek? Write some books about it (but only when we’re really down, like Bama)? Howl it up?

Because now, two loss – two-loss LSU… two-SEC-loss-to-Kentucky-and-Arkansas LSU… is playing for the national title. This is the same LSU who jumped Southern Cal in the polls in early October to land at #1, a degree of mobility not only denied Auburn in ’04 but expressly forbidden from football logic entire.

I hope LSU wins, I hope they mop the floors with Ohio State, and I’m sure they will. If so, it will be the fourth time an SEC team has won the national title since the inception of the BCS in 1998; only one of those teams was undefeated (Tennessee in ’98). How in God’s name did it come to pass that 13-0 Auburn was kept from these ranks? How in the world are these teams allowed to lord one-loss rings and two-loss trophies over the Tigers?

Again Fate, take a look at the unstoppable force you rejected…

To add ironic insult to injury, 10-2 Georgia slaughters Hawaii of all teams, which had no business being in last night’s Sugar Bowl, and the press validates the very Bama-esque notion that a team which can’t even win its conference might, when the dust settles, be the real national champion. If this courtesy was extended to Auburn, I’m unaware of it. In fact, I believe the Auburn fans were and continue to be mostly mocked whenever they resubmit their claims, for the record and to effect a change in the system. I’m happy for the Bulldogs, but this is the same Georgia who lost to 6-6 South Carolina and was dismantled by Tennessee. And yet Georgia safety Kelin Johnson boldly proclaims “We’re No. 1. We’re supposed to be in the national championship game. The nation knows it, everyone knows it.”

So, in light of these myriad reminders of injustice and in light of our bowl performance, I have decided that, if time is supposed to heal all wounds, I’m going for a second opinion.

Calling Dr. Burns and Dr. Fannin, please report to 2008.



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2 responses to “Quote Of The Day: 1/2/08 – Picking The Scab with Herbstreit and Georgia

  1. weagle251

    I think the difference is that the mainstream media is absolutely in love with blowout, run-up-the-score wins. Had Auburn beaten UGA 30+-6, then shown up for more than one quarter against Bama that season (even though that’s all it took), and not had to run the clock out to stop Va Tech’s late-game surge, then I think you’d have seen us get many more AP votes for number one. They got press time for exactly one day, after which USC manhandled Oklahoma, and all was forgotten in the latest blowout by a media darling from a large uncontested market.

    Also, these national champ arguments are products of the circumstances surrounding the season, by necessity. Since the regular season means so much, Undefeated automatically equals the greatest team ever, and one or two losses normally reduces you to also-ran status. Never mind the fact that teams get hot or cold throughout the season (UGA definitely got hot), others schedule nothing but cupcakes (KU, OSU, Hawaii anyone?), or teams once thought unstoppable get exposed by talented coordinators or mismatches and never seem to get their mojo back (At the end of the season, LSU did not look like the same team that played VT).

    All the more reason for a playoff. I hope the “parity” we saw this season continues at least to 2010. Well, except where Auburn is concerned. I thought 2009 would be “our” year, even if the schedule is tougher, but it wouldn’t hurt my feelings to see ’08 be a banner year.

    Great article, and great site. This and JCCW have become my Auburn blogs of choice after this year. Keep it up!

    War Damn Eagle!

  2. Henderson,
    I agree with your complaints. I live in So. Cal. and can confirm that the most influential voices in sports media will always root for their team, whether USC or Notre Dame. Their voices are heard and respected and are endlessly politicking for their former school.

    Auburn is a virtual unknown out here.
    And Alabama is a joke.
    Georgia is loved.
    Florida is respected.
    LSU is hated. Anytime LSU wins a title, USC wants half.

    The reason is because of who represents these programs in the media. Lou Holtz is extremely bias, for example. Brent Musberger is incredibly bias.

    BTW, watch for Michigan to be the media darling next year, along with ND’s recruiting class and rebuilding era.

    As for us, we not only need to continue to dominate as the SEC. We need to get some of our ex-athletes into the national media roles so they can root for our teams. It will also help if Oregon, UCLA, and Arizona State continue to improve and give USC some competition.

    Geaux Tigers!

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