The Acid Reign Begins, Falls Mainly On TWER!

[Ed. Note – There is a wonderful fella who posts comments on many an Auburn blog under the name ‘Acid Reign.’ I’ve been after this ‘Acid Reign’ for a month or so to write a column or a sorta column for The War Eagle Reader as he is, apparently, a living, breathing media guide. I wasn’t the first to notice – a few months back, Jay at Track’em Tigers simply let one of AR’s comment novels about Auburn’s semi-recent history with platooning quarterbacks serve as an entire post. This is basically the same thing. While I feel as though my best contribution to Auburn culture is my willingness and knack for obsessing over the Plains obscure personal histories (Bjork posing inside Jordan-Hare and purchasing toiletries at Toomer’s, that sort of thing), Acid Reign has a prodigious memory and goes brilliantly ballistic with statistics, can reel’em off like he’s reciting the alphabet. For instance, in my last post, going by the wikipedia entry, I state that the BCS began in ’98. Acid said no, and then went on to break down the Bowl Championship Series as only he can. Though I don’t agree with his assessment that Auburn is partly to blame for the great shaft of ’04, its more than good enough to read. Hopefully this is the beginning of something beautiful… be sure to comment and encourage him to keep goin’… and if you feel like writing something to, please, let us know…]

By Acid Reign [returned to original, classic indention format — h/t, as they say, to Mrs. Jones — fear the yardstick!]

….. By my recollection, the BCS started in 1995, with the Fiesta Bowl. Florida and Nebraska met and Florida’s defense couldn’t tackle Tommy Frazier. Florida went down, 63-24. Ye olde ball coach didn’t rest, though. He hired the one defensive coordinator to slow down the Huskers, Bob Stoops. With Stoops revamping the Gator D, Florida roared through their schedule, despite thinning offensive talent.

….. Late in the season, Florida’s O-line was decimated. They suffered a close loss to FSU, which prompted Spurrier to install the shotgun for the SEC Championship tilt with the Tide. Mass attrition occurred in the top five, while Florida was racking up 45 points on a stout Bama D. UF got back into the BCS title game, and mauled FSU in the rematch, 52-20.

….. There was more controversy in 1997, with both Michigan and Nebraska going undefeated in the regular season. The Wolverines beat a mediocre PAC Ten team in the Rose, and it was enough for the idiot press to crown them kings. Nebraska slobber-knocked Tennessee in the BCS Orange, to win the BCS title.

….. In 1998, there were two unbeatens: FSU, and double-lucky Tennessee. As usual, FSU had suspended players for the bowl, and UT won the title game in the Fiesta, 23-16. In 1999 FSU mauled Michael “Dog” Vick and a toothless Va. Tech defense.

….. In 2000, it was FSU backing in over Miami and Washington vs. Bobby Stoops, now at Oklahoma. Howls of protest ensued, but Stoops and Co. won, 13-0. In 2001, there was Nebraska, giving up 63 in their season finale, and failing to win their division, but still making it to the big dance. Miami and Ken Dorsey rolled.

….. 2002 featured the Dorsey dynasty, taking on the Sweater-vest Tressel Buckeyes, and it went to overtime. The officials should get the crystal trophy, because they decided the game with a horrendous call. For the record, Ohio State was crowned. 2003 had more controversy, as somehow, Oklahoma was seeded number one, even after taking a massive thrashing in the Big-12 title game. Southern Cal was squeezed out, and got the sympathy vote from the AP. LSU bested the Sooners for the Crystal.

….. In 2004 the Trojans were still riding high. Despite the abysmal 2003 post-season, Oklahoma stayed at number two all year, even after close wins over losing teams like Texas A&M and Baylor. Auburn, too, was undefeated, but somehow playing the Citadel was a bigger scarlet letter than playing Bowling Green.

….. I want NOTHING I don’t earn, and I learned that at Auburn. We had a chance to surpass Oklahoma, with strong performances against Alabama and Tennessee. Both teams were down to their third-team quarterback. We didn’t do it. We eeeked out the wins, but we needed to kill ‘em. It’s on us. Hail to the SEC Champions of 2004. But regarding our BCS changes, it turned out like it had to.

….. Southern Cal blew Oklahoma out in a lopsided rout. Some say we’d have done better. I say NOT, if we played like we did against Bama and the Vols. Oh, what could have been…

….. 2005 featured the USC machine, against superman, Vince Young. Superman won it. It was probably the most astonishing athletic performance I’ve ever seen.

….. 2006 showcased an amazing pollster reversal. Michigan, riding at number 2 for most of the year, was deemed unworthy at the last minute. Surging Florida was in, and the Gators demolished unbeaten Ohio State.

….. In 2007, no one but the Hawaii Rainbows went through the season unscathed. There was loud outcry for the poor WAC team. Alas, they’d have to take on the SEC’s number three team. And please, spare me the nonsense about UGA deserving the title bid. No, you can’t take lose to a 6-6 team, take a blow-out beating from a mediocre Tennessee team, fail to even win your division, and get into the BCS title game. Or, you shouldn’t. The mighty Rainbows would have struggled to reach .500 in the Sun Belt. UGA should be reported for child abuse, after the Sugar Bowl. That thing was UGGGGLY!

….. So, rant aside, who’s left standing, this year? The defending BCS losing Sweatervests. The Big Ten is tough. Ask Florida. Ohio State deserves their spot, this year. In a bit of a travesty, in my opinion, LSU gets the other spot. This is a banged up team with two losses, albeit in overtime. But, it was to Kentucky, a team that barely beat a Seminole team minus a third of its roster. And Arky, who EASILY had the most miserable bowl performance of all SEC teams. (Has Bobby Petrino installed the Louisville defense in record time or what?)

….. If Oklahoma was better than Auburn in 2004, then one-loss Kansas and Missouri are better than LSU, this year. If LSU’s injury woes are an excuse, then so should have been Oklahoma’s. Of course, Oklahoma may well now be saddled with the “biggest chokers in BCS history” label. The speedy, vicious defense that shut down Missouri was completely absent last night, leading to another embarrassing BCS bowl loss, to headless, lame-duck West Virginia. 349 rushing yards against, is terrible. Laughable.

….. And so, we are left with LSU vs. Ohio State this year. I don’t think motivation will be a problem for the Buckeyes, after last year’s fiasco. Hopefully, LSU will get healthy. That unit that showed against the Vols a month ago will not score enough to win…



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4 responses to “The Acid Reign Begins, Falls Mainly On TWER!

  1. weagle251

    Acid Reign is spot on about Auburn in ’04. They needed to finish strong. They didn’t. Pollsters aren’t impressed with mere wins, and they aren’t impressed with defensive games. It’s not right, and it boils my blood to think about, but it’s just the way it is.

  2. ike

    the B(ullsh*t)C(orporate)S(ystem) is a joke. we need an 8-team playoff. a playoff of this size will not screw up the almighty regular season, that’s all bunk! imagine if christopher columbus never left spain because he believed the earth was flat, or if john glenn never went up into space because he believed that his eyeballs would pop-out. they didn’t and we shouldn’t!

    i’m usually a conservative traditionalist when it comes to sports. i even opposed the the wild card in baseball. but we desperately need some sort of playoff in college football, the system is broken. currently, i see all bowl games other than nat’l championship game as glorified preseason exhibitions. i keep saying that i will boycott the future bc$ bowl games, but i always end up watching them. what can i say, i am a weak football fiend, and that is why things won’t change anytime soon, the ratings and $$$ are too good.

    imagine the match-ups in an 8-team playoff…

    1. LSU
    8. West Virginia

    3. Georgia
    6. Kansas

    2. Ohio State
    7. Virginia Tech

    4. USC
    5. Oklahoma

    who do you think would win out?

    it looks like another year, in which i will have to bust out the old ps2 to find out this year’s true champion, in another installment of ike’s all-night super bowl of college football.


  3. Adam E.

    A good synopsis by AR, but he’s wrong about the BCS starting in 1995. It was called the “Bowl Alliance” starting in 1995, but the computer formula to determine #1 and #2, as well as the term “Bowl Championship Series” didn’t come about until 1998. Here is a chronology from

    BCS chronology

  4. Acid Reign

    Well, Adam E. is right. There were some name changes. I evidently didn’t pay as much attention to the bureaucratic part of things, as to the games themselves. As flawed as it all has proven to be, it’s still infinitely better than the system that shafted Auburn in 1983.

    I’ve been meaning to write some Auburn prose this weekend, but this coordinator defection has me a bit bummed. Yes, I know, we’ll get someone good. My vote is for Rodney Garner. (Recruiting! Look what he did at Tennessee in the mid-late 90s, and look how well he’s done for Georgia!)

    Couple that with the weather suddenly bolting up out of the deep freeze, into the 70s… I spent a good chunk of my Sunday afternoon on the tennis courts. I played pretty well early. But later, my arm turned to spaghetti. Is it normal for your elbow to crack two or three times, when you’re trying to hit a backhand?

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