Quote Of The Day: 12.31.07 – Boom Boom… Please Boom Boom, C’mon, Be A Winner

By J. Henderson

“Anyone out there that wants to be a winner needs to become an Auburn Tiger.”

— Auburn Defensive Coordinator Will Muschamp, after beating Clemson in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl. That was three days ago.

muschamp-2.jpgMade the left-turn into the Kroger parking lot almost without looking. I had just flipped on Finebaum and was distracted – Muschamp? Texas? What? Got the groceries and rushed home. The snowball grew.

I’ve been hoping it was just more Tuberville-to-the-Celtics type-nonsense — maybe he’d taken too long in the bathroom at the Longhorn Steakhouse out at Tiger Town or something and people started texting each other — but the rumors have this ominous “duh, yeah, done deal” bluntness that I just didn’t find in the Tub-to-Arkansas fluff.

Of course, if everything is bigger in Texas, so might be scoop anxiety (this, actually, absolutely reeks of KWNA) and the latest from Phillip Marshall — my ember this freezing night, my click click click Batphone — hints that at least hope remains.

Fait accompli? Much ado about nothing? My point here is not to spread rumors, I promise, but to simply to encourage Coach Muschamp to keep it real, keep it Auburn, Lord, at least for now. Like I. Blake was getting at in his circumstantially-dictated first column, we know you’re not long for this Auburn world, but do us all a favor and save it for a head coaching gig, otherwise it just seems forced and awkward and just kinda wrong.

War Damn Eagle, Will…

“War Eagle, Mofo.”


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