Still MusCramping…

By J. Henderson

Friday, 11:30 am.

Regardless of how it all ends, I think it is safe to say that the rumor’s stock – at least the shares of done-deal certitude – fell overnight. Phillip Marshall and Charles Goldberg both signed off last night by sourcing the Austin-American Statesman, which late yesterday reported:

“A Texas official said late Thursday that there has been no deal reached to hire Auburn defensive coordinator Will Muschamp. An internet site and an Austin TV station reported that Muschamp had accepted an offer from Mack Brown earlier in the evening.”

Though there seems to little to no doubt that Muschamp has been in contact with the Longhorns (unlike our Tuberville fun from a month ago), as far as actual sources, and judging from recent history, you’d have to feel at least a little better about the above sounding so very familiar

Speaking of sources, Texas Rivals site, the most ominous root to this round of angst, doesn’t actually cite any…

I’m sure the editor is connected and all, but their story, cobbled together by its staff, is simply a statement that “Mack got his man” followed by Muschamp’s career bio. No quotes from Texas officials, no indication of a press conference, nothing…

Meanwhile, the Dallas Morning News is still couching the story in very “if, then” terms.

Again, this is all very confusing, as in, from an Auburn perspective, it currently makes zero, zero, zero sense. Hopefully there will be some official word by the weekend, for all our sakes… especially The Auburner’s – those guys are on the verge of having half their shirts go vintage in less than a month (the Brother Oliver header was, by the way, brilliant)…



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