“Will” He or Won’t He?

By I. Blake

I know many of you hate speculative articles, and this is surely a speculative diatribe. But, I just happened to go online tonight to check my email and read more about Obama’s big victory in Iowa, when I came across a headline: “Muschamp Interviews with Texas.”

This ruined any exhilaration I might have had at the start of the process to replace our current President. I love Will ‘The Thrill’ Muschamp as our D-Coordinator, and these wild fire rumors flying across the internets tonight make me ill. It’s not like I thought he would be coaching our defense for many years to come. When we signed him up, I thought his stay would likely be short, just a pit-stop on his journey to become a head coach.

When he turned down Southern Miss last month, and Petrino beat him out to Fayette-nam, I thought we had him on board for at least another year. And with Simms, Blackmon and the rest of the returning crew, along with Franklin’s Spread Eagle attack, I hoped ’08 could be special. Even earlier this week, in an article written by the best Auburn beat writer,
Phillip Marshall, Muschamp had one of the best quotes of year:

“The core of our team is back, and we’ve got a good class coming in,” he said. “Anyone out there that wants to be a winner needs to become an Auburn Tiger.”

And that’s why I love having him on our sidelines, he always brings an awesome enthusiasm. Just like a Slim Jim, he’s always intense.

Again, I knew his stay would be short, and that he would leave us sooner or later to become a head coach. But, I cannot stand being the AAA affiliate for Texas! It just doesn’t make any sense to me. It is only a side step.

The night is young, and he might only be entertaining UT to leverage a substantial raise from Auburn, or more importantly, get his name in the papers as a someone who turned down Texas, but as I write this column, I notice that Rivals is reporting that he is indeed leaving us.

Either way, Auburn will move on, IN TUBS I TRUST.

I know this is extremely premature but if Muschamp does leave us, where do we turn?

Possible replacements…

Tracy Rocker
Mike Zimmer
Ed “I want a Hummer” Orgeron
John Tenuta
James Willis


[Ed. note – This is the first column by I. Blake, which makes two debuts in one day. The invitation is out there – if you’d like to write something for The War Eagle Reader, drop us a line at thewareaglereader{at}gmail{dot}com.

What off season?]


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