somethIng theRe tO remiNd me, alwaYs…


muschamp-crop.jpgI always thought the focal point guy in this Cotton States Insurance billboard, which is across from The War Eagle Supper Club on S. College, was a dead-ringer for Boom Boom in so many ways… the actual facial features, the obvious passion (which, I think, were the main reasons we all really loved him)…

… but on my way up to Birmingham yesterday, I just wasn’t prepared for the irony.

Take a good hook look…



(A similar ad ran each week in this season’s game day program…)

Update: I would have accepted that the restaurants in Austin were better or something, or that he was really into live music. We knew there had to be something more, of course, because none of it made any sense. More has now come and it makes even less sense. Was it all a dream?


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One response to “somethIng theRe tO remiNd me, alwaYs…

  1. rc

    Ok, that is just weird. Who knew?

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