Auburn Coed Is Clickable Fashion Icon

Recently came across this girl and her Auburn connection, and was kindly forwarded this story on her from yesterday’s Pensacola News Journal.

She’s a model for a t-shirt company. And, apparently, a dang phenomenon.

The smile? Auburn spirit.




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4 responses to “Auburn Coed Is Clickable Fashion Icon

  1. Acid Reign

    …..I used to see that girl all over the Gawker (Gridskipper, Consumerist, Lifehacker, etc.) blogs, but then I downloaded Adblock Plus…

  2. AUtlanta

    Interesting, there was a similar article that run in the Sunday AJC which included the same picture

  3. Ben

    I realize this is somewhat old and not very important, but I was in the same Camp War Eagle group as her. It took me almost a year to recall why she looked so familiar… yeah I’m slow.

  4. Hugh Lofting

    nice rack

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