All But Official: War Eagle Welcome To The Rhoads Scholar

Paul Rhoads is Auburn’s new defensive coordinator. He was valedictorian of his graduating class in high school and has an economics degree.

New nickname: The Rhoads Scholar.

“… [Pitt’s 2007 defense under Rhoads] included the 13-9 destruction of the Mountaineers’ and their BCS shot, a performance against the nation’s original spread offense monsters that should lessen Auburn fans’ grief over losing Will “Boom, M*****F*****!” Muschamp to Texas.”


Indeed it does… if we don’t burn the crust and everyone gets here when they said they would, indeed it does…

Going into next season we have a businessman writer guru on offense and a valedictorian economics major with a masters degree on defense. You know what? I dig it. Criminal Justice is so 1992.

Spread Eagle and Rhoads to Perdition. 2008. 2000HateToBeYou.

War Damn Eagle.

Here’s another good video of Paul Rhoads, better hurry though, might not be up much longer…


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One response to “All But Official: War Eagle Welcome To The Rhoads Scholar

  1. pitt alum

    Be careful Auburn fans. Rhoads might not be what you have been sold to believe. He was average at best this season and PITT’s limited success on defense had more to do with Coach Wanny taking over defensive control. The PITT fans have been clamoring for Rhoads to get the boot. The time finally came and we are better for it. While he is competent to perform in line with most average defensive coordinators, he is no star on defense. Better keep him on a tight rope with someone looking over his shoulder.

    Here is a link to the article in the PITT blog about you new defensive coordinator. Enjoy 🙂

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