Quote(s) Of The Day – 1.16.08: A Victory For College Football

“Coach Saban’s philosophy — and it kind of was in line with mine — was that any time you were a first or second round pick, coach Saban would support that player to make a move to better his situation. As a third-round pick, I don’t know how substantial the amount of money would be. I didn’t know how much that would help myself and my family…”

Bama center Antoine Caldwell on deciding to return for his senior season.

“[It is] a great victory for college football in that we have a fine young man who has tremendous leadership qualities who thinks of his teammates and the legacy he can create for himself.”

— Nick Saban on Antoine Caldwell returning for his senior season.



… Nick Saban, who, according to Caldwell, would have supported Caldwell’s decision to forgo his senior season and declare for the NFL draft were he predicted to go in the first or even second round, calls Caldwell’s decision not to declare for the NFL draft, which Caldwell says was based on the fact that his chances on making a first or second round impression had been hurt by lack of playtime in big games the result of a suspension for his involvement with Bama’s recent textbook scandal, a “victory for college football.”

“I think it says all the good things about what you can accomplish in college.”

Caldwell is being praised for his maturity and wisdom because he is continuing his education. That’s great. But, basically, he’s only skipping the draft because he was busted in the textbook scheme.

A month ago, Caldwell said the chances of his leaving were “50/50,” and that the position he would play in the pros was dependent on “whoever pays more money. I’m just waiting to hear back.”

He heard back; due to the scandal, it wasn’t what he wanted to hear.

Yet posing as the big-hearted “education first” mentor the Tuberville is Coach “Show Me The Money” Saban, who would’ve told him to go for it if it had been…

“You can be a leader, you can affect other people, you can create a legacy for yourself, and that’s important to some people. And I think that’s what college football is all about,” Saban said.

Unless the money’s right, and by God, if anyone knows when it is, it’s Nick Saban…


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