Why Enrique, Why?

By J. Henderson

Somehow I wasn’t expecting this. Then I realized why: it makes no sense.

Enrique Davis — isn’t he the nephew of Too Live Crew’s Luke Skywalker? Swear I heard that — tells Rivals.com that though he “will always be an Auburn Tiger” in his heart, the prospect of Tony Franklin’s Spread Eagle offense has him looking at other schools.

“I just feel like it’s not the best offense to help me get to where I want to go.”

Davis, a five star recruit, committed to Auburn in October, 2006 and actually signed with the Tigers in February, 2007, but has since been at Hargrave Military Academy after failing to qualify. Rivals ranks him as the No. 3 overall prep school prospect in the country. He was expected to join Auburn for the 2008 season.

“I wish I had taken my official visit after Franklin came in. When I was there, he wasn’t, so I didn’t get to meet him,” Davis said. “I like a hard-nosed running game. That’s what I like. That’s what I thought I was going to get at Auburn.”

That’s what I thought he was going to get too… and though Davis said he was actually in attendance at this year’s Iron Bowl, he must not have watched the Chick-Fil-A bowl on TV because so did the numbers.

Under Al Borges, Auburn rushed 41 times against Alabama for 165 yards, a per rush average of 4 yards.

Spread Eagle against Clemson, Auburn rushed 47 times for 190 yards, a per rush average of 4 yards.

Enrique, if you’re listening: I know you said that you weren’t totally “closing the door” on Auburn and that some coaches were coming to talk you out of it — Eddie Gran? Maybe Even Franklin himself? I’m telling you that you need to listen to them when they get there. On one of his first days on the job, Tony Franklin basically called Auburn a freaking Running Back Fortress.

How in the world would fighting for the Running Back Fortress not get you where you wanted to go?

War Eagle, son, make the right choice…



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2 responses to “Why Enrique, Why?

  1. ike

    hey enrique!

    please take a look at the oregon duck’s running back jonathan stewert. look at the numbers he put up in the oregon’s spread offense this year… 1722 yards, 6+ yards a carry and 11 tds!
    just replace stewart for youself, dennis dixon for mr. burns and then imagine. sec lookout!

    don’t believe the hype a nutt from mississippi tells you. sure you will get carries at ole piss, but the only bowl you will ever get to play in would be the annual rotten egg bowl.

    come on back to rbu. we still have best running backs coach in the country and hosses all across the line. we will still be running the football.

  2. Hotty Totty

    lol – sour grapes

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