Snow In Auburn

I’d say its been about seven years…


The Kroger is bangin’, carts full of milk, middle-aged women with interesting hair smiling at toddlers in the car carts and mopping up the entrance. The streets slush their fight song. The gymnasts almost pulled it off last night. There’s a basketball game in a couple of hours. Neighbors bring each other cheese cake, children laugh in the distance, adults hunker down with new media.

Snow in Auburn. Magic in Auburn.

Good for recruiting.

Conditions are far from dangerous and I doubt kept any from coming for a great weekend and the Auburn memories they’re making in their sweat suits are charged and electric and exhilarating, snow just does that. Probably won’t accumulate… the snow at least… but they look outside, and the music slicin’ through their i pods and into their earphones just sounds better.

They’re Wintry Mix Masters — bring it to Auburn, commit to Auburn, and feel alive! Where in the hell is Tuscaloosa?


War Damn Eagle…


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