Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers – 1.21.08

Yes, another regular feature, I’m sure it’ll last forever. Just random news, links, points of interest, miscellany.

*** More frustrating gibberish from Enrique Davis, reemphasizing that the spread offense is why he de-committed to Auburn. Davis said he is 80% sure he’s going to Ole Miss. For why he shouldn’t, please see this salient comment to our recent post. Auburn running back coach Eddie Gran and offensive coordinator Tony Franklin are expected to visit Davis on Wednesday.

*** In somewhat related news, here are some videos of someone who says he’ll sign with Auburn because we’re going Spread Eagle, our newest commit, running back Eric Smith. (h/t/a/t/s to new Auburn blog The War Eagle Wire)

*** “And the skills to walk like a Bi-Ped”:

Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that Chris Cooper would get the first and only nod for the lead in The Spencer Bachus Story? The angle in the video is even more convincing. I actually went to school with Bachus’ sons.

spencer-bachus.jpg chris-cooper.jpg


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