Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers – 1.24.08 #2

(You can see I’m really liking this format…)

*** The powers that be at AU (c) presume they can trademark actual “verbiage” like “Tigers,” “Toomer’s Corner,” “The Plains,” even “Auburn” and are reportedly Nazis when it comes to enforcement… but somehow this is OK…


UT-Martin’s Faux Jackson outruns AU licensing attorneys. The Tigers will copywrong the Skyhawks on Nov. 8th. (h/t/a/t/s to Track’em Tigers)

*** Muschamp’s hire earns equal pay raise for Texas offensive coordinator Greg Davis = $425,000

*** News of Urban Meyer’s possible repeated recruiting faux pas is beginning to make some waves. Meyer reportedly went out of his way to grease the scholarship rails for Gator gymnast Maranda Smith so as to assure a commitment from Smith’s boyfriend, wide receiver Carl Moore. Smith claims that Meyer called her on a daily basis to encourage her decision to sign with Florida, a possible recruiting violation. Though slightly less illicit, the scenario so far reminds me of a story I was told last week by a former Auburn player recruited in the late ’60s, who’s girlfriend was already attending Auburn. Heavily courted by both the Tide and the Tigers, he eventually signed with Auburn but was later told by his father that several Bama boosters and even a coach had communicated in no uncertain terms that were he to commit to the Crimson Tide, his girlfriend, were she to transfer, would receive a free ride at the Capstone.

“I wanted you to make up your own mind, so I didn’t say anything to you ,” his father told him. “Of course, if it’d been your brother or sister, we might have been talkin’.”


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  1. If memory serves, Virginia, Oklahoma State and Auburn all had identical home uniforms (or sohuld I say “uniform uniforms”) back in the early 70’s…. with the exception of the logo’s on the helmets. Arizona had uniforms that were very close — except the Wildcats’ uni’s were red where U.Va., OSU and AU’s were orange.

    But to see that #34 jersey is a bit disconcerting.

    BTW: Does it kind of bug you when you see a player from another team in JHS wearing number 7 or 88 or 34. I realize its not very rational (and when you boil it down what is rational about being a college football fan), but it bugs me.

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