Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers – 1.24.08

*** bo-knows-bo.jpgBo Knows Bo… and Only Bo. I remember reading in his book that Bo Jackson wanted to come back as a dolphin or an F-16 but I’m pretty sure it was just for effect; if I was a Georgia fan, I’m unsure as to how I’d process Herschel Walker’s recent revelation that he has multiple, actual personalities. Should be an interesting book.

*** Florida’s 2008 recruiting class in on the verge of being named #1 by, even without Julio Jones, yes, the Julio Jones that Alabama has fondled in their crimson daydreams as a done deal, who was reportedly told to cut short his latest trip to Gainesville because of his stumping for… Oklahoma. Florida however thinks they might now have a shot with Enrique Davis, the Five-Star tailback who vexingly cited concerns about the Tiger’s new spread offense upon de-committing to Auburn last week. Davis’ father played cornerback for the Gators in the 1970s. Auburn running backs coach Eddie Gran and offensive coordinator Tony Franklin visited Davis at Hargrave Military Academy on Wednesday.

*** Speaking of Franklin, after getting off the plane in Virginia, he took time out — probably 6 minutes — to answer questions on The Paul Finebaum Show. “I believe in doing what it takes to win,” Franklin said. “If that means you throw it 60 times a game, you throw it 60 times a game. If you have to run it 60 times, you run it 60 times.” Enrique… seriously, man.

Wait! This just in! The ol’ Gran-Franklin one-two apparently might have knocked a little sense back into him. Abiding by my subscription agreement, I will only say that that current headline on is “AU back in it?” What does that mean? Who can say? Charles Goldberg, that’s who…


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