Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers – 1.26.08

*** Even for all the vaunted passion of its fans, 164,000 fewer people tuned in to watch Alabama play Colorado in the PetroSun Independence Bowl – Nick Saban’s first at Alabama – than watched Cincinnati take on Southern Miss in the Bowl. In terms of viewers, the new Birmingham-based bowl game ranked 21 out of 25 bowl games; the PetroSun Independence bowl was last at 25th.

Auburn’s match-up against Clemson in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl was the 2nd most-watched non-BCS bowl, coming in behind the Capital One Bowl (Florida vs. Michigan).

*** “This is one-of-a-kind, very rare, preserved snow from Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama, which is very very extraordinary. It is, of course, in snowball ice form. It will of course be shipped in dry ice to preserve it’s historical significance. There are even blades of War Eagle grass-remnants embedded on the surface.”

(h/t/a/t/s to Kenny Smith)

*** freddie-smooth.jpgRough and Ready: 6-foot-5, 300 lb defensive tackle Freddie Smooth — Freddie freakin’ Smooth!! — committed to Auburn Friday. He was recruited by Oklahoma, LSU, Clemson, North Carolina and reportedly even USC.

Here’s a quote from Smooth’s coach at Desire Academy in Baton Rouge: “I think Freddie is excited because you’re talking about inner city kid from New Orleans who’s getting to play at one of the top programs in the country. When you talk about college football, Auburn is one of the best if not the best programs.”


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