Tre Smith Tells All!

By J. Henderson

I had the chance to meet Tre Smith this weekend, yes, at the AAFL Draft event in Birmingham. Tre, Kody Bliss and Karibe Dede are all “locked” players for Team Alabama. More on all that later.


Karibi Dede, Kody Bliss, lovely Auburn fan, Tre Smith at the Wynfrey Hotel

Tre was pretty loved by Auburn fans. Eminem wrote a song about him after the 2002 Iron Bowl, his grand coronation to the throne of our hearts. And then there was the 2006 Florida game, when he went hang-gliding for Gator soul, which earned him what I thought to be obviously undeserved criticism for supposedly showboating while scoring the game-changing touchdown.

If you haven’t seen it – and, if you’re reading this, I don’t know how that would be possible – watch it again and then read below my vindication!

Tre: Honestly, I wasn’t even trying to flip.

TWER: I knew it!

Tre: The thing was, when I saw the ball rollin’ and picked it up, I thought somebody was trying to tackle me from behind, but it was my own player falling into my legs. I jumped to avoid getting tackled, I wasn’t trying to do a flip.

TWER: Yeah, I never thought it looked planned, to me it always just looked like your momentum forced it – made you tuck and roll.

Tre: Yeah, I mean, it was too spur of the moment to plan it, I didn’t even know it ended up looking like that.

It ended up looking pretty kick-a and, as the capper to the punt blocked by Tristan Davis, Jerraud Powers, and swarm [thanks Taylor], was eventually named ESPN’s 2006 Game-Changing Performance of the Year.




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2 responses to “Tre Smith Tells All!

  1. taylor

    Tristan Davis and Jerraud Powers et al blocked it. Blackmon forced the Leak fumble.

  2. el chupacabra

    yeah, and it WAS a turnover too. F y’all jorts wearers.

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