Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers – 2.1.08

*** The Powers that Be in the Auburn Athletic Dept. are apparently openly courting corporate sponsorship of the new basketball arena with the promise of “corporate naming rights.”

*** Of Chop Blocks and Hatchet Jobs: Auburn’s offensive line coach Hugh Nall has only seen his players commit three chop blocks in 23 years of coaching…

chaz-ramsey.jpg“Two of them happened to be this year on national TV. I think, had it not been Glenn Dorsey, it wouldn’t have been as big a deal. You have to throw that into the category of selective journalism,” Nall said. “It’s really disappointing, especially because the two young men involved are true freshmen. They are good kids really working hard to do a job. They wouldn’t try to hurt anybody.”

Read Phillip Marshall’s whole story. It’s worth it. I hope this is the end of this crap for Chaz. Props to the Dad (Key Ramsey – great name) for taking on ESPN. I doubt litigation would improve our querulous relationship with the Worldwide News Leader, but hey, what would, and I think his points are dead on.

[photo by Mike Carlson]

*** This year’s Auburn-West Virginia game has been rescheduled to an ESPN Thursday night game more than halfway through the season. Southern Miss has jumped into Sept. 6th slot.

Though I can appreciate the obvious flip-side of the argument — more time for the Tigers to break in Spread Eagle, the original date set up much better for Auburn, at least in my way of thinking. I quote myself upon first hearing of the Rich Rodriguez-to-Michigan saga, i.e. that West Virginia would be riding a new coach into ’08:

“… this can mean nothing but good things for Auburn, at least seemingly… the Tigers start a 2-game series with the Mountaineers next year; it is their first game of the season (our second!). Despite their New Coach Impotency, their ascendant BCS prestige sticks around through at least the first game. We destroy them, but the NCI fast disappears. They end the season 11-1 and the computers swoon for ol’ Auburn!”

Now, not only will West Virginia likewise be able to take advantage of the extra prep-time — the only obvious Auburn “pro” to speak of — but the number of Auburn fans able to make a Thursday night game is surely less than the number that would have been in Morgantown on an early season Saturday. Oh well, Riverboat knows best. And it’s not like we’re not going to win.


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