Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers – 2.07.08

*** Fast Spencer Pybus is Auburn’s newest linebacker. I liked him before I knew he was a lifelong Auburn fan: not only did his name sound Old Auburn (Pybus… Jim Pyburn), his face actually looks the part, don’t tell me it doesn’t…

spencerpybus6_11200.jpg zeke.jpg

War Eagle, Bus!

*** OK, basketball is kinda awesome. It was as if the angels were putting on a puppet show in the final minute of that game last night, everything was going right, save the final 3 pt. attempt. But my heart soared and for that, men, angels, I say thank you, it was awesome. Also, I award the Auburn Spirit stick to the cheerleaders, giving first dibs to the mic man, who charged onto the court towards the end of the game with a rare display of personal, situation-specific guttural ardor:

“Alright Auburn, we’ve got 3 minutes to beat Kentucky, everybody on your feet!”

That takes guts, and hot damn, we almost did.

My daughter and I met Auburn Elvis, from whom she ran screaming in terror.

“It’s one of Aubie’s friends,” I told her. She did not buy it.


I think that’s Auburn AD Jay Jacob’s back there…

*** “Enrique is a good young man. We’ll get to play against him now. We know how good he is, and we look forward to that.” — Tommy Tuberville

Yes, Tommy, I think we all look forward to that.


For some reason, I really love this photo – by Todd Van Emst



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2 responses to “Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers – 2.07.08

  1. Sorry your daughter ran from Elvis. Our son loves playing with the wig so I guess he gets it. Elvis and I will be at the game on Saturday.

  2. Perhaps it was indirect reflection that that photo and story came out together. Almost as if to say, “We’ve put Rudi, Heath, Carnell, Ronnie, Kenny (and indirectly Jacobs) in the NFL. Houston Nutt’s got, what, two?”

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