It’s Pronounced JORDAN: Like I said…

… it really is.

(Thanks to Kenny Smith and WAUD for the new way to start my days…)



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4 responses to “It’s Pronounced JORDAN: Like I said…

  1. My father-in-law attended AU when it was still API. As a student he had the opportunity to meet Jordan, and after introdcutions said: “It sure is nice to meet you Coach Jordan.” (pronounced like Michael “Jordan”).

    Shug turned to his wife and said: “how long to I have to be here before people say my name correctly?”

    My father-in -law felt badly, but laughs at that scene today.

    Great Blog!!!! War Eagle

  2. Acid Reign

    …..That audio clip would be worth dialing up an AM station on the way to work, in the morning! I’m thinking of replacing the Windows start-up sound with, to tell the truth…

    …..See, around where I live, they’ve once again busted up Matt Coulter and Scott Griffin, and I’d frankly rather listen to a rock CD of choice, rather than listen to the Jay Barker Bama homer show…

    …..Fer yew Yankee liss-ners, it’s pernounced, “JERD-un.”

  3. WarDamnAdam

    I think the people who call Auburn football games should be exposed to this. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard it pronounced Jordan (like Michael Jordan) Hare Stadium.

  4. Jiggs

    I heard Coach Jordan speak at a athletic banquet at my high school. He said that people were alway asking how to correctly pronounce his name. He said it was pronounce JERD-un like the JERD-un River.

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