Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers – 2.11.08

*** Top 10 Reasons It’s Awesome at Auburn Basketball games:

10) Easy spotting of Auburn luminaries.

9) You can walk on the court after the game as long as you look official / really tall.

8 ) You can pretty much sit wherever you want.

7) Aubie lets loose in ways he can’t at football games, e.g. sliding ten feet on the floor to bowl through the Tiger Paws, whom he harasses all night.

6) Kid friendly, free stuff everywhere.

5) Trough-style urinals still in full-effect.

4) Great timeout and halftime entertainment – Saturday night it was a world-renowned hypnotist and I think he really did something to those kids, cause, oh, man, the girl in the orange shirt (Indian perhaps?) who was told she was a Pussycat Doll, man, I am so in love. Anyone YouTube that? Photos?

3) 17 players… 172 fingers.

2) Frank Tolbert’s indignant “come-on-ref!” hand-jives when he’s really pumped up…

1) Up by 20 or down by 20, Auburn Spirit and the fight, the passion of youth floods the court every dang game, and that more than anything makes it worth whatever the market-driven ticket pricers, who’s judgments seem based purely on anticipated demand, ask. (I was given free tickets, right at the door, to the first two games I went to; there was a sign saying “$10 bucks” at the Presbyterian game, but the old man only asked for $5, the girl next to him look puzzled; Kentucky was $20, Miss. State $15, an adventure every time!)

War Damn Eagle.

*** In his latest column, commemorating Alabama’s 1,001st National Championship, Paul Finebaum is in classic form, returning as he does to what he knows best: Sabanphilia, fetishistic insistence that Tommy Tuberville’s doesn’t care about Auburn, and sadistic, repeated analysis of Tuberville’s annual hunting trip to Arkansas, which Paul now not only credits with costing Tuberville his credibility with Auburn fans (because he should have been back home fighting the rumor Finebaum himself started about his undeniable, completely right and natural interest in the Arkansas job) but with costing Auburn recruiting glories a la Bama.

I knew it wasn’t the spread, Enrique, but you could have just told us — it was the hunting trip.

*** The 1984 Florida State game. Watch the video, it’s totally worth the 9 minutes. This “wild and woolly shootout in Doak Campbell Stadium” game was not, for some reason, televised, a fact to which Jim Fyffe in part credited his early popularity – people were so dependent upon him to color for them what turned out to, really, be an insane game, that the affection that might have taken a few more years to really set in was established and solidified in just one night. And color it he did – indeed, his call of the final touchdown is possibly my favorite ever, though the audio here does it little justice. However, Workcake’s soundtrack for the video as a whole is great. Also, you’ve gotta love Dye’s nonchalant Fonzy-styled celebration… and man, Fullwood (Bo was hurt), and Freddy Freakin’ Weygand… beautiful.



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3 responses to “Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers – 2.11.08

  1. ike

    wow… that rocked! you gotta love the wishbone. it looks like kodi could learn a think or two from ole’ pat washington. i forgot how swift he was.

    i was lucky enough to check out the ’85 contest versus fsu in person, where bo & tommie agee put on a show and kicked papa bowden’s ass. after that game, i remember i went back home to virginia and preached the gospel of bo to every third grader who’d listen.

  2. Acid Reign

    …..Pat Washington was a great athlete, and had potential throwing the ball, too. He was NOT a wishbone QB, though. Re-watch that video above. How many times did you see him pitch it on the corner? He’d usually either pitch it early on, or he’d keep it. It was all pretty much pre-determined at the snap. His predecessor, Randy Campbell, was MUCH better at making those split-second decisions, turning 3 yard plays into 20-yarders. For every explosive Auburn offense games like the FSU game, there were 3-point stinkers like what happened in Gainesville in 1984.

    …..I’d have liked to have seen what Washington would have done with the Sullivan-Blakeney offense that was installed in 1986… especially with all those great running backs we had back then. Colis Campbell, Kyle Collins, Brent Fullwood, and Tim Jesse!

  3. el Carg

    Wow, hadn’t heard that song in forever. Really not long enough though since I’ll be singing for the rest of the day.

    Freddie Freakin’ Weygand and some buddies gave me a 5 mile lift on the Panama City strip at the 1986 House Party. Dude was cool then, and even cooler during this game.

    Thanks for sharing.

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