Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers – 2.19.08

*** It’s official: the Auburn Nation has a new national anthem, “Let the Eagle Fly,” a powerfully mellow rhapsodic blast of countrified rah-rah that sounds like Magnetic Fields covering a Toby Keith song. And it works! Let the Eagle freakin’ fly! Here’s what the authors, Rev. Bubba D. Liverance and the Cornhole Prophets had to say about it:

“We’re a rock band from Auburn and have written a song inspired by the Eagle’s release at the pre-game programs. It’s called “Let The Eagle Fly” and we’re offering to give all the proceeds from the sale and download of the song, to the University, if they play it just prior to the eagle’s flight at this year’s home games. You can check it out at, click on the Auburn Tigers Only page and listen. Let us know what you think. War Eagle, Bubba D.”

Spread the word and let my peoples dance!

*** I thought UAB’s whole shtick was to distance themselves from the Crimson Root — from the projectiles and antics, to the actual denial of the loss (the tagline of the video everyone is watching on YouTube is UAB Upsets Memphis, Court Rush Video”), Saturday’s post-game debacle should be too close for comfort for most Blazer fans. Wish they would’ve won, of course… *** UPDATE: Thanks to JD Hogan for pointing out that I’m an idiot – that video is from 2006. I thought that was just too dang delusional to be true for anyone but Bama fans.

*** The Auburn baseball team, who starts action this Friday at home against East Tennessee State, shaved their heads as a show of support for Barbara Sanders, mother of Tiger infielder Joseph Sanders; Barbara recently started chemotherapy to combat breast cancer. I think this will be a good season.


Photo by Todd Van Emst

In basketball, the men take on Tennessee tomorrow night. Expect a miracle.

Also, I’m drooling again.



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5 responses to “Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers – 2.19.08

  1. Man, that song is a straight rip off of John Ashcroft’s masterpiece: “Let the Eagle Soar.”

  2. Hey JM,
    Attorney General John Ashcroft wishes he had the soul the Rev. Bubba brings! The two songs are not remotely similar in melody or lyrics. The only similarities are the first three words in the title. I can promise you, if I was going to rip someone off, it would be Springsteen, Hank Williams Sr, or the legendary Rusty McHugh of Florabama fame. Rev. Bubba D.

  3. JD

    Just so you know, that UAB/Memphis video is from the 2006 season, when UAB did knock off Memphis.

    The Youtube video says things like:

    “me rushing the court after uab upsets number 2 memphis” (emphasis mine)

    “Added: April 23, 2006”

    Just thought I would bring that to your attention.

    War Eagle!

  4. Rog

    Rev, nice effort and appreciate the soul, but as to playing the song at Auburn games? Ummmm… no, thanks just the same. Best of luck to ya.

  5. Acid Reign

    …..That wasn’t bad, at all. It seems to be mixed where the well-done vocals will have a chance to be heard, coming out of the distorted, plastic stadium speaker PA horns. Plus, it has to compete with the din of the crowd…

    …..My favorite sound on it was the tremelo-ed, Telecaster-esque guitar chords panned hard to the edges. Nice bit of sax at the end, too.

    …..That said, I’m a rock guy. My favorite stadium PA blasters over the past few years have been GNR’s “Welcome to the Jungle,” and the Traci Lords/Juno Reactor thing, “Control.” (Yeah, I know. They played the instrumental version. The real thing would have been too intense for the kids/trustees in the stadium!)

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