Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers – 2.28.08

*** Auburn Fight Song too holy for video games: According to Harris Sewell Worley, the reason Auburn’s fight song is not heard in the NCAA Football franchise video games is because his great grandmother, who owns partial rights, deems the medium unworthy of it’s greatness (Worley’s grandfather, Roy B. Sewell, Auburn man extraordinaire, commissioned the song back in the ’50s. He was an awesome guy.) Hell yeah it is! Let other schools pimp their heritage if they want, I’m glad we’re keeping it real. War Eagle, Mrs. Sewell, fight the power. And domo arigoto, you EA Sports soul suckers – Aubie might be on the cover, but the fight song stays in our hearts.

My favorite line: “… and we all look forward to… singin’ the fight song next season.”

Real quick – I totally dig the song — the tune, the lyrics — but click here and scroll to the bottom to check out the scalding review, upon its debut, by the Montgomery Advertiser, which is awesome just for revealing the esteem in which they hold “one of the supreme bellows of our time.”

*** Two days ago, I spent the afternoon in the parking lot of Montgomery’s sole (from what I can tell) Panera Bread. I could not connect to their WiFi for some reason. So I read a bit and listened to Finebaum, which came on only a few minutes after Nick Saban, in a press conference, addressed, among other things, questions about whether his football teams at Alabama can ever be more than goon squads. Of course, Finebaum played clips, and the good thing is, he played them early in the show and often. Go here and listen. No really, just listen, just for a little bit, even just to the first one (but if you listen to the whole thing, you’ll get to the Tuscaloosa-cops-are-all Auburn-fans theory). Because just when you think that the man is going to get it together, step up, do something decent, act in his self-interest by playing the game and saying the things that need to be said and act like a human being… just when you think the ride is about to over, Saban busts up into a press conference and shoots up the joint. I knew Saban would be the kinda person we should all want at the helm over there, but… and I feel… strange… in saying this, but as an Auburn fan, even I am beginning to feel bad, genuinely bad for the guy. Not for the treatment he receives — it’s just that he, Nick Saban, seems so completely incapable to handle his current situation in life. That is sad to watch or listen to.

“Buried the Myth…”

Check out the latest from Kevin Scarbinsky, who only the day before gave his column to Saban for him to look tough but compassionate… lets just say I doubt Kevin will be getting any more exclusives for a while…

*** This is why we dig Phillip Marshall. Like the Auburner, I’m impressed with Tony Franklin’s candor in discussing Chris Todd’s struggles to regain form, and the consequent implications that, despite appearances and fan chatter, Franklin’s preexisting relationship with Todd will not determine who our starting quarterback will be. I didn’t want to mention it at the time, as I know little about the mechanics of such things beyond a fan’s immediate impressions (and also because I’d heard somewhere that out of the four guys out there he had graded the highest in some category), but Todd, to me, definitely looked hesitant on the first day of practice, and threw the ball very softly. If he threw better as an 8th grader than he does now, yeah, than there’s definitely a problem. But then again, if he was that good as an 8th grader, I hope there’s a quick fix to all this.

I’m also impressed with the urgent need to score Tristan Davis some freaking steel toe cleats. Or Lord, have the next person to step on his toe runnin’ laps or something. I mean, I’d care no matter what, but I was there for that first touchdown, I saw it in person, or I tried to see it. I don’t remember who it was, I don’t remember when, all I remember is the flash. I can’t get it out of my mind. Didn’t he have like, an 80 yard per carry average for a few weeks?


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