Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers – 3.4.08

Meant to make it to the scrimmage Saturday, but I didn’t and was spared the trauma of the Coleman scare; thank God he’s OK and thank God I only read about it, I probably would have freaked out if I was there. Had to catch up on a few things over the weekend, so it’s been a little slow. Might be for a little while more, but you never know…

*** We may be weathering a spring practice smiting here on the Plains, but things couldn’t be more perfect across the state: Saban raging on reporters as he suffocates under an avalanche of media scrutiny, Tuscaloosa’s Town feuding with Tuscaloosa’s Gown, and now the news of about this year’s Bama A-Day game. How do you top Saban Presley and the 90,000? How do you take it up a notch from this scene —

“I’ll never understand how an institution that so loudly proclaims its “class” could allow the tacky flea market that jams the streets leading up to Bryant-Denny before a game. I’ve never seen anything remotely like it at any other college campus. Every possible variety of cheesy elephant porn you could imagine, lined up for sale along several blocks. I guess it’s heaven to a redneck who somehow stumbles into Tuscaloosa, but for a normal human, it’s an eyesore and a nuisance.”

— described in the great after-Thumb post from the blAUgosphere’s finest prodigal? That’s right, you pony up the guarantee for Alan freaking Jackson. I’m tellin’ ya’, just when you think…

*** Speaking of blAUgosphere favorites, congrats are in order to the Joe Cribbs Car Wash for being named runner up in the Funniest Post category of this year’s College Football Blogger Awards. Jerry won it for his “Arrested Development Explains the SEC.” aWARd EAGLE — BOOM!

*** Bama elephant captured and paraded through the a.m. streets of Auburn. “We got him.”



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2 responses to “Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers – 3.4.08

  1. John

    You roll trees with TP and we at Alabama are Cheesy? Enjoy your velveeta

  2. Acid Reign

    …..Hmm. It was a crimson truck. I think the driver was lost.

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