It’s Pronounced JORDAN: Crowd Shot, UT Game, ’72


Sept. 30, 1972.

Shot of Legion Field crowd after Auburn scored its one touchdown of the day en route to beating Tennesse, 10-6. Photo by L.Parker



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3 responses to “It’s Pronounced JORDAN: Crowd Shot, UT Game, ’72

  1. taylor


    whats in this picture that is different than everything else?

    when you see it, you will know….priceless

  2. Acid Reign

    …..Well, I don’t know about “different,” but I miss the little kids walking up and down the aisles and selling soft drinks. You have to miss part of the game to go get one, these days! Not to mention the scrum at the ramp down to the concourse…

    …..Almost no one wears a tie to the game anymore, either. Love those 70s haircuts!

  3. Man, it looks like if you were a fan that was not wearing a tie, you were at least wearing a collared shirt. Were T-shirts frowned on? Was it like going to church?

    Nowadays you have coaches wearing sweat pants/shirt on the sideline … what gives? Who was the first coach to successful rebel and cross the fashion line from suited hardnose boss to gridiron genius/sweat bepanted slob?

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