It’s Pronounced JORDAN: The Punting Specialist


From the Sept. 23, 1967 program for the Auburn / Chattanooga game. Auburn won, 40-6. You can click, make it bigger, zoom in, read it, educate yourself.



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3 responses to “It’s Pronounced JORDAN: The Punting Specialist

  1. That is fantastic. And Oliver is so young. Wow.

  2. WarDamnAdam

    This gives me a whole new respect for punters.I never knew Auburn was one of the first to have a punting specialist,thanks for the history lesson.

  3. Acid Reign

    …..Brother Bill was one of the best teachers we ever had as a coach. It was amazing what he accomplished when he took over a banged up and depleted defensive unit in 1996.

    …..Would Oliver have united the Auburn family as permanent head coach? Doubtful. There is a significant percentage of monied folk still bitter over Oliver leaving to go to his alma mater and coach under the Bear. (Couldn’t blame the guy, myself.) And of course, Oliver IS a Bama guy. No, it wouldn’t have worked out…

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